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Are you the ‘password child’ in your family? Here’s what that means

TikTokers can’t stop talking about the so-called “password child” of the family — or what it means.

But first, let us back up.

It’s common knowledge that older parents are notoriously bad at remembering passwords, which is probably why they use the same thing repeatedly. And, as TikTokers are now starting to point out, that usually involves using one of their kids’ names, so they have less of a chance of forgetting it.

Hence, the creation of the password child. While every family has their own, they all tend to have one thing in common: They are mom or dad’s undeniable “favorite.”

Now, people all over the social media platform are weighing in on whether they’ve been bestowed the honor or cruelly snubbed by their parents in favor of another sibling.

A lot of people are celebrating their victories after realizing that the password child is them.

“I AM THE PASSWORD CHILD!!!!!!” one person exclaimed in a comment.

“KNEW IT,” another added.

Others just posted videos that seemed to be rubbing it in.

On the other hand, some have argued that being the password child can often come with other not-so-fun strings attached.

At the same time, others couldn’t care less that they aren’t the favorite.

That said, sometimes the “password child” isn’t you or one of your siblings at all. Instead, it’s your parents’ true favorite: The beloved family pet. And, honestly, who can argue with that?

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