Your 'Part of Fortune' Shows How You’ll Get Lucky in Life

Part of Fortune Meaning Astrology

You know what they say: you're more than just your sun sign. As astrologers, we often look to the planets, houses, and aspects for a deeper understanding of who they are, what their life might look like, and where they can focus their energy in order to achieve their goals, find love, or feel most fulfilled. But, outside of the cosmic influences of the planets in the night sky lies a mathematically calculated point in your chart that can give you the secrets of when, how, and where you will become successful in your life: your Part of Fortune!

What is the Part of Fortune in Astrology?

The Part of Fortune – also known as the Lot of Fortune or Pars Fortuna – is a point on your birth chart calculated using your sun, moon, and rising signs, or the big three. You can't look up into the sky and see the Part of Fortune like you can the new or full moon. It's derived from an ancient technique known as "Arabic Parts”; using this system, the distance between two planets is added to the position of the third (traditionally the ascendant) to cast a "lot," or condition for success, said to predict destiny, chance, and fate.

What Does the Part of Fortune Symbolize

The Part of Fortune traditionally symbolizes advancement, prosperity, and abundance in life. Everyone has a Part of Fortune they can tap into in this lifetime; however, some have an easier time aligning their personal desires with their cosmic destiny. Understanding how living in alignment with your Part of Fortune harmonizes your life takes time. Its placement in a specific zodiac sign and house of your birth chart can indicate areas where someone is likely to find joy, mastery, and fulfillment. Because the Part of Fortune is aligned with the soul's evolution, it can be very sensitive to change. When it's activated by specific transits or celestial events, it creates a portal to step into your hidden power.

How to Find Your Part of Fortune in Your Birth Chart

Named after Fortuna, the Roman goddess of wealth and good fortune, the Part of Fortune in your birth chart resembles a wheel with an "X" in the center. This point is a combination of your sun, moon, and rising sign, and the equation is based on whether you have a night or day chart. A day chart is characterized by having the sun above the horizon line at the time of birth. If your sun sits in houses 7 to 12, you have a day chart. The Part of Fortune formula for people with a day chart is: rising sign - sun sign + moon sign = POF. But, if your sun sits below the horizon line, meaning your sun is in houses 1 to 6, you have a night chart. In that case, you'd use this formula: rising sign - moon sign + sun sign = POF.

If math isn't your thing, you can skip all that and calculate your Part of Fortune here.

Part of Fortune Meaning for All 12 Zodiac Signs

Once you’ve found the zodiac sign that your Part of Fortune is in, you can start to explore the action steps, career paths, and qualities that you would benefit from aligning with in order to achieve your dreams and find success more easily! Read on below to see how your Part of Fortune can show where you're likely to find the most prosperity in life.

Part of Fortune in Aries

Act now, and think later! This Part of Fortune asks you to be bold and brave and take risks in order to achieve your dreams and become successful. You do best when you follow an independent streak or become entrepreneurial with your work, making your own rules and working hours along the way. If you’re able to step into a leadership role or hire employees to work for you, you will achieve prosperity even more quickly. Because Aries also rules over the physical body and thrives off of adrenaline, working as a firefighter, physical therapist, personal trainer, stunt performer, in the entertainment industry/actor, or on-call medical professional will also keep you engaged and successful in this lifetime!

Part of Fortune in Taurus

It’s important for you to focus on quality over quantity. Instead of trying to be a Jack (or Jill) of all trades, try instead to find something you can dedicate yourself to 100%. You do best when you can let your loyalty and dedication shine through. You are also ruled by your five senses, so working with scent, taste, touch, and visuals is also great for you. Think: chef, masseuse, art curator, perfume maker, floral designer, musician, or artist. Don’t forget that Taurus energy loves to stack their cash, so whether you prefer to work in banking or to fill your 401(K), just know that money is important in your equation, honey!

Part of Fortune in Gemini

Let’s talk about it! Your career is meant to be filled with opportunities for you to idea-share, present, perform, and network! You thrive off of being cerebral and using your big, beautiful brain to learn and share that information with others. Some career paths that would prove to be beneficial for you would be: researcher, content creator, writer, news anchor, podcast or game show host, interviewer, salesperson, public speaker, actor, or performer.

Part of Fortune in Cancer

Working from home, working with children, and helping others…you are a nurturer by nature, and it’s important for you to align with a work-life balance or career path that makes you feel “at home.” Some great examples would be working in education, nursing, architecture or interior design, becoming a realtor, therapist, nutritionist, or social worker. You thrive in jobs that have “cycles,” just like Cancer’s ruling planet, the Moon, does. Also, as a side note: when you prioritize your family unit, your work will benefit, even if this feels counterintuitive to you!

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Part of Fortune in Leo

You would do well to take up space and step into the limelight! You don’t have to be an actor, dancer, singer, or performer, but if you go that route, you will see nothing but dollar signs! Another way to take advantage of this energy is to work somewhere where you see how valuable your light is, for example, as a boss, activist, teacher, politician, motivational speaker, or business coach. Ultimately, you need to be on a career path that has opportunities to grow and gain recognition over time and a safe space for you to shine without worrying about who might take offense to it! When you feel confident, it’s very easy for you to motivate others, so being a team leader or service provider to clients is a great way to align with your Part of Fortune’s energy!

Part of Fortune in Virgo

It’s time to get organized! You will thrive when you work on a schedule. Instead of being disorganized or “going with the flow,” your career and finances will see a major boost when you are dedicated to your goals rather than passive. Some career paths that would suit you really well are: alternative wellness, spirituality, writer/editor, data analyst, teacher, therapist, nutritionist, organization or home cleaning, public relations, accounting, or scientific research. Having a healthy relationship with your work is a “must,” and you have to have a work-life balance in order to thrive. Eating well, taking care of your body, and doing your own self-care are also important as you climb your way to the top!

Part of Fortune in Libra

You will do well in careers and opportunities that require relationship-building. Collaboration will bring you a lot of success, as Libra is the natural ruler of the seventh house of relationships, partnerships, and long-term commitments. Libra also rules over law, counseling, modeling, photography, interior design, HR, as well as art & fashion. With Libra’s ruling planet being Venus, you’ll want to make sure you pick a career you feel passionately about and one that brings your naturally charming and harmonious energy out. Being isolated, combative, rigid, or unkind in your career won’t work well for you – in fact, that type of behavior may even hold you back from prosperity!

Part of Fortune in Scorpio

You are a mysterious and elusive worker, and others may be surprised by how much you get done behind the scenes! You are not one to brag, but you do control a room and have a magnetism to you that makes you very powerful in your work life. Scorpio also rules over death and rebirth, so there’s not much you’re afraid of doing as a career. Some careers and traits that will help you to get ahead are: acting, psychology, medicine (specifically surgery), financial advisor or private investments, mortician, detective, sex therapist, or entrepreneur. It’s important for you to keep your projects and goals close to your chest before they come to fruition. Only share your wins with the people closest to you, and remind yourself that it’s okay to be alone rather than in the presence of misaligned company.

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Part of Fortune in Sagittarius

You are naturally skilled in both learning and teaching. To you, the world is your oyster, and you do a great job of reminding others of that same sentiment through your work. You would thrive as a motivational speaker, coach, teacher, educator, spiritual advisor, entrepreneur, salesperson, travel agent, realtor, language teacher abroad, cruise line worker, pilot, or flight attendant. You thrive with variety and get bored rather easily, so make sure that the job that you pick has opportunities for growth, movement, or travel involved!

Part of Fortune in Capricorn

Talk about being born to succeed! You may be rather hard on yourself, but it’s a great reminder to you to make work a priority and to always have your well-being trump your work on the list of importance. You would do well working in a corporate job that allowed you to climb the ladder (eventually becoming C-Suite or CEO status), science, financial planning or advising, accounting, IT, business consulting, academia, tech, or for one of the Fortune 500 companies. You thrive in spaces where you can show your expertise and ultimately remind others that you are the top dog that they need to answer to… or they will one day!

Part of Fortune in Aquarius

You were born to be an innovator! Aquarian energy ruling over your Part of Fortune signifies that you will need to pioneer your own path in order to find success. Working a traditional job or playing by the rules won’t get you very far. You may also find success and prosperity through technology, social media, writing a book, developing an app, or working on a project that will benefit the masses. Aquarius is a humanitarian energy, so setting the intention to change things on a societal level with your work is a surefire way to spark your creative juices and align you with high-paying opportunities!

Part of Fortune in Pisces

Your success lies in connecting with your spirituality and creativity! When your Part of Fortune is in the sign that is naturally ruled by Neptune, you will thrive doing things in a free-flowing and fluid way. Others might not understand your approach to work and success, but to you, you are simply following your dreams without diverting. Great career options for you would be: writer, poet, spiritual advisor, Astrologer, counselor, artist, performer, dancer, entrepreneur, nursing, drug or addiction counselor. Listen to your gut, and you can never go wrong!

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