Paris Jackson breaks silence on Leaving Neverland accusations

Paris Jackson speaks out. Photo: Getty
Paris Jackson speaks out. Photo: Getty

If you expect Paris Jackson to react to the Leaving Neverland documentary by screaming, yelling and making a fuss, you’ve got it wrong.

While only 20, Michael Jackson’s daughter had been defending her late father for most of her life. So while the controversial documentary released by HBO over the weekend paints him as a child molester, she’s not letting it get a public rise out of her.

Breaking her silence on the matter in a series of tweets, Jackson basically told people that while “injustices are frustrating and it’s easy to get worked up”, it’s better to calm down and look at the “bigger picture” instead of “acting out of rage.”

Reports state that the two-part documentary has been “devastating” and “painful” to the Jackson kids — also including Prince, 22 and Blanket, 17, who now goes by Bigi — because they know Australian man Wade Robson, one of the accusers.

However, Paris hasn’t seen the film, a source told People magazine. And it seems unlikely she will.

Seemingly responding to comments from her father’s loyal fandom Paris Tweeted, “Y’all take my life more seriously than I do. Calm yo tittaaaaysss.”

Hours later she added, “I didn’t mean to offend by expressing that titties should be calm, I know injustices are frustrating and it’s easy to get worked up. But reacting with a calm mind usually is more logical than acting out of rage and also…. it feels better to mellow out.”

She then suggested to her million-plus followers, “Smoke some weed n think about the bigger picture. Chillax my dudes.”

Jackson has “Truthers,” superfans who are working overtime to protect his name and criticise anyone who isn’t onboard, and when one apparently didn’t like Paris’ laidback approach, she offered more insight as someone whose life has been defending her dad.

She wrote that the world tears down “everyone with a good heart” who “tries to make a difference,” adding, “But do you really think that it’s possible to tear his name down? Like do you truly believe they stand a chance? Relax and have peace.”

When Gay Star News tweeted a story Wednesday saying the model, singer and actress believes her father is innocent of the sex abuse claims, she spoke out with a denial.

“I actually haven’t made any statements yet, especially regarding how it affects my work life,” she wrote. “You guys are reaching a bit. At least this wasn’t a disgusting and attacking article though.”

The King of Pop’s family has rallied to proclaim his innocence — much like they did when was charged with molesting Gavin Arvizo in 2005 and was found not guilty. And one of them, Taj, publicly shared how he thought his cousin Paris would be handing the headlines over the film.

“I don’t think she wants to give this attention,” he said. “As soon as she would have said something, it would’ve given it a bigger platform.”

But make no mistake, Paris has long been going to bat to protect Jackson’s honour. In her 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, she said, “My dad would cry to me at night” when she was nine. “Picture your parent crying to you about the world hating him for something he didn’t do. And for me, he was the only thing that mattered. To see my entire world in pain, I started to hate the world because of what they were doing to him. I’m like, ‘How can people be so mean?’”

She said she and her siblings were united in thinking their father was innocent of all the child molestation allegations against him. “Nobody but my brothers and I experienced him reading A Light in the Attic to us at night before we went to bed,” she said.

“Nobody experienced him being a father to them. And if they did, the entire perception of him would be completely and forever changed.” When it was pointed out that Jackson telling her about the allegations against him was a lot to put on a nine-year-old girl, she added, “He did not bullsh** us. You try to give kids the best childhood possible. But you also have to prepare them for the sh*** world.”

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