What's Something You Figured Out About Parenting That You Did Not Know Before Having Kids?

You've probably heard some version of the saying that being a parent is not only the most important job in the world but also the hardest. As any parent will tell you, one of the hard parts is that there are things that you'll only learn or figure out while — for lack of better wording — on the job.

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With that in mind, what I want to know is: What advice would you give parents that you wish you had known?

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Maybe yours would be a practical one, like not asking for way too many clothes at the baby shower (because they grow out of it fast) and instead asking for things like boxes of diapers or an Uber Eats gift card so they can order food when they're just too exhausted to cook.

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Perhaps you would share what mistakes and correct things you did when your toddler started to want to watch videos on your phone.

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Or, maybe it would be how you should apologize to your child/children if you overreact to something or lose your temper and yell at them.

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Or, perhaps your advice would be how to make your spouse or partner still feel like they're a priority to you too.

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Parents, tell us what advice you would give parents that you wish you had known in the comments below, or submit it anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.