The Pantry Secret To Delicious Coffee Popsicles

Coffee popsicles on wooden table
Coffee popsicles on wooden table - Bhofack2/Getty Images

On a warm day, nothing hits the spot quite like creamy ice cream or easy homemade popsicles. Each treat has a wide variety of flavors from chocolate to coffee making it easy to find a version you love. Thankfully, for java fans who don't want to visit the store, you can make these caffeine-filled popsicles from the comfort of your own home with an item you probably already have in your pantry — instant coffee.

As seen in a TikTok video, the frozen treat is created by using Maxim coffee mix, a Korean household staple that combines instant coffee crystals, powdered milk, and sugar into individually sized packets for a convenient snack on the go. This makes it much faster than brewing a pot of java for your popsicles since you don't have the extra step. Whether you use Maxim or another brand of an instant blend, it's easy to make these milky-sweet snacks at home and create your unique take on them by adding different spices.

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How To Make Instant Coffee Popsicles

Stirring instant coffee into water
Stirring instant coffee into water -

Making instant coffee popsicles is almost as simple as tossing the packets in the freezer. First, however, you need to mix them with hot water, following a one-to-one ratio. Once the coffee is cooled, you have two options. The first, à la TikTok, is to pour the mixture ever so carefully back into their slim packets, arranging them upright in a cup so they don't spill. Once frozen, you'll have a petite frozen treat on your hands.

Alternatively, you can pour the liquid into molds for larger and slightly less concentrated popsicles. For the most low-effort version of the treat, it's best to use instant coffee that already has milk and sugar, rather than plain crystals. If you can't find Maxim, rest assured that there are plenty of similar options in your local coffee aisle, from Nescafé to Kopiko that can easily take its place.

Tips To Make Your Instant Coffee Popsicles Unique

Cinnamon sticks and powder
Cinnamon sticks and powder - Bhofack2/Getty Images

The simplest recipes are the best ones to experiment with. Once you see how easy it is to whip up a batch of caffeinated popsicles with just water and coffee mix, why not put your spin on it? In keeping with the essence of the treat, it doesn't need to be complicated.

Adding ground baking spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg would play off the magical sensory experience linked to Mexican Café de olla or Moroccan spiced coffee. While using ground spices is a mistake to avoid if you're flavoring drip coffee, they're perfectly suitable for popsicles. If you want to be in charge of the milk and sugar content in your popsicles, swap out a mix for plain crystals and add a splash of your favorite sweet coffee creamer. Got some cocoa powder lying around? Sprinkle it in for a frozen mocha vibe.

Java connoisseurs would be remiss not to pick up a pack of instant coffee for this foolproof, customizable treat.

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