'It’s an advantage': Pamela Anderson on always being dismissed as a 'dumb blonde'

Pamela Anderson is seen on March 23, 2022 in New York City
Pamela Anderson insists she is 'much more than a pair of breasts'. (Getty Images)

Pamela Anderson has revealed that she considers being dismissed as a "dumb blonde" to be an "advantage".

The model and actress, 55, insisted that she is "much more than a pair of breasts" as she revealed the "misconceptions" that people still hold about her.

She told The Sun on Sunday's Fabulous magazine: "People see me as a dumb blonde. It’s an advantage, because then I have nothing to live up to.

"You surprise people when you form a full sentence."

Pamela Anderson wearing swimsuit on Catalina Island,California during filming of TV series Baywatch in October 1992
The model and actress, pictured in 1992, famously starred in Baywatch. (Getty Images)

Anderson, who rose to fame when she appeared on the cover of Playboy in 1989, added: "I’m much more than a pair of breasts. I represent success, hard work and fun."

She noted that her life had been made up of “a thousand imperfections, a million misconceptions".

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Her son Brandon Lee has produced an upcoming Netflix documentary about her, titled Pamela: A Love Story.

She shares the 26-year-old, and his younger brother Dylan, 24, with her ex-husband Tommy Lee.

Brandon Lee and Pamela Anderson attend Amber Lounge 2019 Lounge Party and Fashion Show 2019 in Le Meridien Plaza Hotel on May 24, 2019
Anderson's son Brandon Lee has produced an upcoming Netflix documentary about her life. (Getty Images)

Anderson wed the musician, 60, after a four-day courtship – however they split after four years together in 1998 and she went on to marry four more times.

She also told The Guardian this weekend that if it wasn't for her sons during the intervening years, during which she continued to deal with the fallout of a leaked 1996 sex tape, she wouldn't still be here.

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The Baywatch star said: "Over the last 20 years, I went missing. MIA even to myself. I was drinking, I was trying drugs – so not me. I just went off the rails."

When asked if she'd had therapy, she replied: "Are you kidding? If I’d had a therapist, do you think any of this would have happened?"

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