This Sydney beach is home to a floating villa you can hire out

Penny Burfitt
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As Summer heats up, we're all looking to head out of the city. Photo: Getty Images

With summer around the corner and the city getting hotter and stickier as I type these words, a quick getaway from the city is probably the biggest item occupying your daydreams.

If visions of luxury resorts, sweeping seascapes, sunscreen skin and cool evening breezes are getting you through the working week then do I have a daydream for you.

Invited along on the launch of the latest GoPro, the Hero 8, I came across the most photogenic place Sydney has to offer, and the ideal way to capture a holiday there.

I give you Palm Beach’s Lilypad.

Lilypad is a floating house for rent on Palm Beach bay. Photo: Instagram

A floating luxury villa on the city’s most famous bay, The Lilypad is a fully-functioning floating home away from home complete with kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom and all the bayside fun you could imagine.

A definite luxury stay, the villa may be beyond your pay packet, but if ever a place called for a Christmas splurge it’s this gem.

The kind of once-in-a-lifetime stay you usually sigh wistfully over in travel magazines is a short drive away from anyone sweltering through the Sydney Spring at the moment.

Nestled in Palm Beach bay, away from the hustle and bustle of the wildly popular beach made famous by Home and Away, you’ll need a boat to reach the villa, and by the time the five-minute ferry is over, you’ll feel a million miles away from Sydney.

Perfect for anyone with some extra cash to splash, or a couple looking to celebrate a milestone with a very indulgent getaway.

With a tiny motorboat for anyone with a license looking to take a turn around the bay, paddleboards and kayaks to spare, it’s probably the closest you and I will come to a James Bond holiday in our pedestrian existences.

It does however, come with a James Bond price tag too.

The one-bed villa will set you back a cool $1800 per night and if you want to be flown there and back in style as I did, you’ll be looking at a just shy of $3000 for a package deal.

Of course, I was there to give the new GoPro a spin as well, and with all the diving, flying and dining I have to say I was able to capture my one day escape with ease, which for this tech novice is the highest of commendations.

Bets of all? For any Sydneysiders out there it’s a short one hour trip north of the CBD, and if you’re feeling extra fancy just a 15-minute seaplane ride, with views worth writing home about.

I, of course, was lucky enough to capture the day with the brand new GoPro, and for anyone who dips their toes in the tiny, floating, piece of luxury I recommend you do the same.

Perfect from every angle and with a panorama sunset to die for, a waterproof camera is an absolute essential to capture the unique holiday spot (and it won’t hurt your gram game either).

The writer was a guest of GoPro on the launch of their new Hero 8 camera.

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