TV host slammed for naked bathtub snap

A photo that Top Chef star Padma Lakshmi has shared of herself in pure bliss, relaxing in a beautiful copper bathtub filled with soapy water and scattered rose petals has been slammed.

“When you’ve been on the road for six months straight and you finally get a minute (1) to yourself,” she captioned it, adding “#selfcare” as one of several hashtags.

Padma Lakshmi has been slammed for sharing the below bathtub photo. Photo: Getty Images

However, people called her out in the comments for the awkwardness of her position and, well, the entire scenario.

“You look lovely, but my back hurts just looking at this,” one person wrote.

Another quipped: “I have a bathroom photographer as well. It’s awkward sometimes.”

“Nothing says relaxing self-care like strangers in the bathroom on step ladders,” still another Instagram user cracked.

There was more:

“A minute to yourself? You have someone there to snap the picture. And probably someone to draw the bath and someone holding a towel. Lame.”

“You’re not by yourself. Who’s snapping the photo, Lakshmi?!?!”

“Alone? Lol Beautiful though.”

Still, some people supported Lakshmi’s dedication to self-care. Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson joked that he’d seen too much. Lakshmi’s Top Chef co-star Tom Colicchio proclaimed the snapshot to be “one hell of a selfie.”

(Photo: Instagram)

Lakshmi will return as the host of Top Chef when the new season premieres in the spring.

Words by Raechal Shewfelt

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