Outrage over ‘How to prevent Autism’ book

Allison Yee

It’s set to be released in July, but a new book called 'How to prevent Autism: expert advice from medical professionals' has kick started a storm of controversy with calls to ban it.

In a change.org petition slamming Amazon for their decision to sell the book, Gillian O Brien Murray from Ballyboughal, Ireland already has over 2000 signatures calling for the removal of the book.

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“Autistic people are not to be feared, hated, cured, abused, humiliated, used as a means to gain money, they are people just like everyone else,” Gillian wrote on her petition.

Gillian's petition over the book is gathering steam. Photo: change.org

“If this book were tilted ‘How to prevent Down Syndrome’, ‘How to prevent your child from been gay’ it would not of been touched by anyone, but society still have yet to step up and change the views on autistic children and adults!!

“What right has anyone to change another human from who they were born to be? I cannot cure, treat, [or] prevent my child from being autistic anymore than could if he/she were gay nor would I want to.”

Thousands of people have rallied behind the petition, calling for the book to be pulled from Amazon. Photo: Getty

According to the Bureau of Statistics, there’s an estimated 115,4000 people with autism in Australia.

However the book, written by US mum Dara Berger details the journey she’s undergone with her autistic son – and how she’s tried to prevent her daughter from “suffering the same fate”.

The protests have been heard, with Amazon emailing Gillian a response. Photo: change.org

With Gillian approaching her 5000 signature target, she’s revealed Amazon have responded to her calls and are investigating internally.

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