Outer Range Season 2 Premiere Recap: A ‘Hole’ New Timeline Emerges — So, Where’d Perry End Up?

Perry jumping into the hole, Autumn being revealed as Amy from the future, Cecilia warring with her faith. A lot went down in Outer Range’s freshman season. Two years later, it finally returns with Season 2 and if you’re looking for answers to some of your burning Abbott ranch questions, would you settle for… even more questions?

The new season kicks off with a young man and woman (twentysomethings, approximately) on a ranch as they prepare to euthanize a cow who just gave birth to a calf. The gunshot opens up a hole in the earth and as they ride away on horseback, we see a mini-void growing and starting to simmer.

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Cut to: the Crock Pot lid, which continues to taunt us. While some of you have speculated that the rattling lid was simply caused by the stampeding buffalo, your guess is still as good as mine (because like with many mysteries on this show, we may never find out). But here we are back on the lid, as Cecilia mourns the loss and complete disarray of her family. Royal doesn’t begin his explanation with: “You see, there’s this hole in the ground that makes people time-travel!” Nope. Instead, Cecilia runs upstairs to find Autumn near death and he’s all, “This is Amy!” so it’s completely understandable that that doesn’t go over well.

Autumn maintains that she can’t remember anything from before the age of nine, though Royal reiterates that she said something about the color yellow and that she was raised in a cult and that something brought her here. Meanwhile, Billy is still alive (barely), but bleeding out in his overturned truck on the side of the road.

Outer Range Season 2 trailer
Outer Range Season 2 trailer

At the police station, a woman tells Cecilia that she was surprised to see Rebecca at the rodeo. Rebecca was reportedly running through the crowd with Amy. An officer also confirms that Joy isn’t answering any communication. (Guess they didn’t have iPhones and walkie-talkies in the 1800s.) Cecilia arms herself and visits a guy names Louis looking for her daughter-in-law and granddaughter. He doesn’t know where they ran off to, but he asks Cecilia if Amy will forgive her once she finds out what Cecilia said to her mother. In the very next (and very short) scene, Rebecca tells Amy she’s taking her “somewhere special.”

Elsewhere, Luke’s all tripped out on the dark mineral. Upon arriving home, one of the owls starts talking to him. After telling him he’s worthless, the owl — whoever or whatever it is — tells him that people will want whatever’s in the ground in the west pasture. And getting it to them will make him important. While he’s talking to taxidermy, Wayne walks in. Last we saw Papa Tillerson, he was bedridden from a stroke and Billy had dusted his lips with that powdery, magical mineral. So besides making dead things talk and causing hallucinations and possibly opening portals to the past, it also has a helluva lot of healing power? Go figure.

As Joy struggles to stay alive in the past amid warring Native Americans, Perry crawls out of the hole… somewhere between Joy’s current time and the present. At the hospital, Wayne sings Motley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home” to his comatose son, Billy. (Are these lyrics connected to the songs sung in Season 1?) Luke enters and tells his dad that he knows what’s in the west pasture. (Uhh, any help, Luke?)

Royal gives Cecilia a photo and a document from the public birth ledger showing that his birth year is 1878. But before they can hash it out any further, we flash over (backward, rather) to the man and woman from the beginning of the episode. She calls him “Royal,” and it’s revealed that they’re actually younger versions of the Abbott patriarch and matriarch. As they’re walking out of their barn, Perry hops over the fence. He asks for Royal Abbott and says his name is Ben Younger. He’s looking for work as a ranch hand, but they tell him to try the Tillersons. Pink Floyd’s “Time” plays as the camera rises up and over Cecilia’s family’s ranch.

Thoughts on Episode 1? Grade it below, then scream into the void that is the comments section.

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