“OutDaughtered”: Adam Is Helpless as Danielle's Autoimmune Disorder Flares Up from 'Stress' of Finding Quints a Nanny (Exclusive)

“OutDaughtered”: Adam Is Helpless as Danielle's Autoimmune Disorder Flares Up from 'Stress' of Finding Quints a Nanny (Exclusive)

In PEOPLE's exclusive clip for the June 4 episode, the stress of wrangling all six girls is getting to Danielle — and leaving Adam to bear the brunt on his own

Adam and Danielle Busby need an extra set of hands around the house – but the stress of trying to find that person is taking a toll on Danielle.

In PEOPLE's exclusive clip from the Tuesday, June 4 episode of OutDaughtered, Danielle, 40, has to — literally — take a day off as her autoimmune issues flare up from the stress of juggling six kids, her and Adam's busy work schedules and their ongoing search for a nanny.

"I'm just hurting everywhere. My joints hurt and my muscles and — [it's] just inflammation," she tells Adam, 41, in the clip as she lays in bed in the morning on a school day.

Adam asks if she needs any "medicine" as he looks for a way to help, but she says she just needs "some downtime" as her "body hurts."

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"Going through this journey of Danielle's autoimmune stuff, it's hard because, like, just the way that my mind works., I mean — you just want to, when something happens, like, you want to fix it," Adam says in a confessional, expressing his frustration at not being able to help his wife feel better.

"Danielle's autoimmune disorder, you know, just kind of comes and goes, headaches to pain and inflammation and there's nothing I can do," he continues.

The timing of her flare-up couldn't be worse, either, as Adam reveals, "Today was one of those days where we have interviews set up for potential candidates for hiring a nanny, but the stress has gotten to Danielle today. So I'm just going to have to go ahead and cancel those appointments and we'll just reschedule."

<p>TLC</p> (L-R) Adam Busby and Danielle Busby on 'OutDaughtered'.


(L-R) Adam Busby and Danielle Busby on 'OutDaughtered'.

The irony of Danielle falling ill on a day when they're scheduled to potentially hire some extra help is not lost on Adam, who bears the weight of the six girls — 9-year-old quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley and Parker and 13-year-old Blayke — on his own when his wife is sick.

"For her to have a bad day, like, any given day — I have to be prepared all the time," Adam says in a confessional. "You just never know when it's going to hit. It's frustrating, but I don't want her to think I'm frustrated at her. I'm frustrated with this situation that no one understands."

<p>TLC</p> Adam Busby on 'OutDaughtered'.


Adam Busby on 'OutDaughtered'.

Throughout this season, the couple has faced challenges as they attempt to juggle their competing responsibilities, and when Adam picked up some extra work, things went even further awry as they both found themselves traveling as the girls started the school year.

"Seems like we're always getting pulled in too many directions," he said after Danielle called him with the news that Blayke had a panic attack at school ahead of her volleyball tryouts, but both Adam and Danielle were too far away to help.

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OutDaughtered airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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