What other TV shows and films has Leo Woodall from One Day been in?

what other tv shows and films has leo woodall from one day been in
What other TV and films has Leo Woodall been in?Mike Marsland - Getty Images

One Day on Netflix healed our heart, before cracking it into a million little pieces all over again. Based on the David Nicholls book of the same name, the series follows Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley, who meet on the last day of university and develop a longstanding 'will they / won't they' friendship across 15 years. The two lead roles are played by Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall - but what other projects has the 27-year-old actor been in?

Leo Woodall TV shows and films

Holby City - 2019

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Leo played Jake Reader in a 2019 episode of the ongoing hospital drama, called 'Things My Mother Told Me.' The official episode synopsis reads, "As the Holby team give a warm send off to a much beloved colleague, a surprising revelation sends Cameron into a spin.

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Vampire Academy - 2022

Leo played Adrian Ivashkov in a supporting role in Vampire Academy, in episodes six and seven. Sadly the series was cancelled before a second season was commissioned, so it's unlikely he'll reprise the role any time soon.

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The White Lotus - 2022

what other tv shows and films has leo woodall from one day been in

Arguably his most famous role to date, Leo played Jack in the second season of The White Lotus, an Essex lad who began a flirtation ship with Haley Lu Richardson's character Portia. Only, er, when his unusual relationship with his non-biological uncle Quentin (played by Tom Hollander) comes to light, things take a slightly dark turn.

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Citadel - 2022

In the Prime Video series Citadel, which follows the members of a global spy agency whose memories have been wiped, Leo plays Duke. The eight-part series had an all star cast, with Richard Madden, Priyanka Chopra, Stanley Tucci and more also starring.

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One Day - 2024

what other tv shows and films has leo woodall from one day been in
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Most recently, Leo took on the role of Dexter Mayhew in One Day, the Netflix adaptation of the bestselling David Nicholls novel. In it, he meets Emma Morley (Ambika Mod) on the last day of university, and what unfolds is over a decade of friendship, love and affection.

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