Osher slams Bachelor 'bed bug' rumours

Amy Stevenson

There's been no shortage of claims contestants on The Bachelor this year have been subjected to "second-rate" living conditions, but now Osher Günsberg has hit back at the speculation.

Addressing the rumours that the girls vying for Matty J's heart slept in rooms with "bed bugs", the reality show's host denied the claims.

Osher says there's no bed bugs at all! Source: Channel Ten

"I can guarantee you there are no bed bugs in the bachelor mansion, that is absolutely not true," Osher told Hit105’s Stav, Abby & Matt.

But there was one rumour he was willing confirm, adding, "However when it comes to cigarettes I will confirm there is a smoking area."

So the girls ARE allowed to have a cigarette with their wine while waiting for a chance to talk to Matty!

The luxurious Bachelor mansion facade isn't all it's cracked up to be apparently! Source: Channel 10
The girls hoping to win Matty J's heart reportedly were on food rations because of production staff running over budget. Source: Channel 10

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"The ladies aren’t allowed to leave the house and Coles don’t deliver durries," Osher joked when asked by his radio co-hosts whether producers make the trip out to get supplies.

Last week an insider shared a list of "X-rated" confessions to NW, including claims the entire mansion had to be evacuated one season because it became infested with bed bugs.

Meanwhile last month an insider claimed conditions inside the Bachelor mansion are far from luxurious and a "second-rate living experience".

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