Oscar Mayer Has a Surprising New Entry Into Its Grocery Lineup

It's a first for the brand.

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Oscar Mayer may be known for its hot dogs—and that iconic Wienermobile—but this popular meat and cold cut producer is not afraid to get creative with its products.

Just last month, it released a new line of Stuffed Dogs filled with cheese, jalapeño Cheddar, and chili cheese flavors. And who can forget those hot dog straws made of food-safe silicone that resemble a real hot dog?

Now, Oscar Mayer is at it again, bringing in a first-of-its-kind new product that may just be the snack we never knew we needed.

Oscar Mayer's New Bacon Cheddar Flavored Popcorn

News is trending online that Oscar Mayer has a brand new Bacon Cheddar Flavored Popcorn that’s hitting the market.

According to the Instagram user @snackolator the “Bacon Cheddar Popcorn is headed your way!” The post says it’s a new product from The Popcorn Factory and “features the taste of Cheddar popcorn with the always delicious @oscarmayer bacon.”

The post goes on to say that there haven’t been any confirmed stores or locations set to carry this new snack, but when asked if they would be willing to give it a try, many were eager to comment. Many said, “This looks so good” and "I want this,” while others replied, “If it’s Oscar Mayer, I want hot dog flavored, not bacon.”

We did some digging and while we couldn’t find the popcorn at any major grocers just yet, we did find it online at The Popcorn Factory. The website describes the snack as being “Seasoned with cheddar cheese and smoky bacon flavoring, each freshly popped batch of popcorn is bursting with the classic Oscar Mayer flavor you know and love.” You can currently grab three 5-ounce bags for $19.99.

In the meantime, we're over here trying to work "popcorn" into the Oscar Mayer jingle, though it's not quite working.

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