Oscar Mayer Reimagines Hot Dogs With 3 New Releases You’ll Want to Stuff Your Fridge With

Oscar Mayer hot dogs

Just in time for summer, Oscar Mayer has rolled out new Stuffed Dog flavors to spice up the grilling season.

"Now more than ever, fans are hungry for bold and unique flavors and Oscar Mayer Stuffed Dogs deliver on just that, providing the delicious, high-quality wieners fans look for alongside the differentiated flavors and cheese they crave," the company said in a news release announcing its new offerings.

Stuffed Dogs are now available at grocery retail stores nationwide in three flavors: CheeseJalapeño Cheddar and Chili Cheese.

Oscar Mayer's Stuffed Dogs "take inspiration from fans’ favorite restaurant offerings," the news release noted. The message also noted that "millions of consumers requested extra spice for their food last year alone, inspiring key ingredients for the new recipes including real jalapeño peppers and chilies—quite literally putting the hot in hot dogs."

Oscar Meyer's new Stuffed Dogs.<p>Oscar Meyer</p>
Oscar Meyer's new Stuffed Dogs.

Oscar Meyer

Molly White, vice president of marketing for Oscar Mayer, said in the news release: “Whether seeking a spicy twist or pop of creamy cheese, we strive to feed fans’ appetite for category offerings that are currently only available from quick service restaurants.”

In the comments of an Instagram post from food blogger Markie Devo, fans shared their reactions to the Stuffed Dogs. One person wrote, "It's about dang time. Giving more flavorful options."

Another Instagram user commented, "Chili cheese sound good."

Meanwhile, a fan in Oscar Mayer's Instagram announcement declared, "Love these! 👏👏 And I will be stuffing these in my fridge!"

For those interested in trying the new flavors, eight-packs are $4.99.

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