Oreo's Super Bowl 2024 Ad Hilariously Rewrites Kardashian History

Oreo packages in shopping cart
Oreo packages in shopping cart - Danielbendjy/Getty Images

Oreo hopes you're ready for a trip through history in its new commercial made for Super Bowl LVIII, as described in a recent press release. In the ad campaign featuring Kris Jenner, Oreo embarks on a comedic romp through notable decisions made throughout history, from early humans debating what to do about dinosaurs and asteroids to '90s record executives mulling over whether or not to take a chance on boy bands. Similar to a coin flip, each character makes their choice by "twisting on it," which entails twisting apart the two cookie sides of an Oreo and seeing which one gets the cream all while betting their future on the outcome.

Kardashian fans will no doubt want to witness Jenner's cameo appearance in the spot — and see that she's willing to poke fun at her own level of celebrity. In her flashback portion of the commercial, she receives the initial mid-2000s phone call that would kickstart the Kardashian reality T.V. dynasty and "twists" on the potentially momentous decision. As you could probably guess, the cream sticks to the side ensuring that Jenner will go on to make reality show history.

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This Is Only Oreo's Second-Ever Super Bowl Ad

Plate of Oreos with milk
Plate of Oreos with milk - Scott Olson / Getty Images

Prior to its 2024 ad, Oreo has only made one other Super Bowl commercial. In fact, there hasn't been a Super Bowl ad for the popular cookie since 2013, when the brand debuted the spot "Whisper Fight." That Super Bowl, which was particularly noteworthy for a power outage that occurred during gameplay, was a boon to Oreo's social media engagement. The cookie brand went viral after tweeting, "You can still dunk in the dark."

In an interview with Marketing Brew, V.P. of Oreo U.S. Michelle Deignan said that the return to the Super Bowl after all of these years was about "maintaining a spot at the forefront of culture," and that "consumers, more than ever, are looking for moments of indulgence in their lives." According to her, the brand's new "Twist on It" concept is "the perfect opportunity to reignite that kind of messaging for Oreo."

So, whether you're a fan of one (maybe more) of the various Kardashians or you're just a cookie enthusiast, you may want to keep an eye out for Oreo's ad during the Super Bowl on February 11. The spot is set to air during the game's second quarter.

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