Oreo's Foray Into Sugarless Treats Divides Fans

The Oreo brand is ‘exploring the creation’ of sugarless Oreos. Above, several varieties of Oreo cookies are photographed on April 29, 2015.

Oreo has divided many of its fans over an experiment the brand is taking on to create a new sugarless cookie.

The zero sugar treat appears to be in the early stages of development at Oreo, which confirmed the experiment in a statement to food blogger Markie_Devo. The new cookies would be made without the artificial sweetener aspartame, according to an early product image the cookie brand shared with the influencer, though not much other nutritional information has been publicly released so far.

If the brand ultimately decides to move forward with producing the zero sugar Oreos, the cookies are not expected to land in stores until after this year.

Oreo told the food blogger that the brand “is always looking for ways to expand our playful product portfolio to meet the needs of our consumers and we’ve made it our mission to ensure this innovation delivers on the signature OREO experience fans know and love.”

The brand’s statement continued by urging fans to “stay tuned for more details as we continue to mix up something special to bring to fans in years to come.”

The Wednesday, May 22 Instagram post teasing the zero sugar treats gained dozens of comments from Oreo fans, many of whom appeared thrilled by the idea of a sugarless option.

One fan who compared the brand to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream said Oreo “won’t put it to market unless it’s perfect” and added, "I’m so ready!!!”

“10/10 would try,” another fan commented. “Similar products currently in market don’t come close to the Oreo flavor.”

“It’s game over if these drop,” one Instagram user wrote. “I’m eating a whole bag ez. I’m not playing.”

A few people who identified themselves as diabetics also left comments saying they were excited by the idea of an Oreo cookie that would be safe for them to consume.

But not everyone was won over by the idea.

“Nah,” one person wrote, “Not for me. It’s the point of Oreos… guilt!! lol!!”

“Poor clowns are going to eat the whole thing then be on the toilet all night,” another person predicted.

Others said they wished Oreo would instead focus on bringing back fan-favorite flavors that are not currently in production.

“Should be exploring bringing blueberry pie back,” one person said of the brand as another agreed, writing, “Blueberry Pie Oreo > ZS Oreo.... Priorities!”

“Doing anything but bringing back red velvet permanently 😕,” another person lamented.

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