TikTok's "Orange Peel Theory" Will Test Your Relationship, Plus More Things The Internet Is Talking About

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First things first, check out the latest way to test your relationship: the orange peel theory. It basically involves seeing if your partner will peel an orange for you — romantic, right?

Naturally some people are testing the theory out...

While others are just making jokes.

Twitter: @gatozandart

Meanwhile on Instagram, people are sharing their Spotify "Daylists" via stories because the names are, uh, pretty creative!

a screenshot of the IG daylist with title soul crushing tailspin evening

I mean...I can't even be mad at this.


But this one is pretty rude, TBH!

Twitter: @philomenaibasco

Speaking of Instagram, actor Kyle MacLachlan stunned the internet when he recreated a Lorde photoshoot for some unknown reason!

Twitter: @skyferrori

He's definitely, as the comments say, "baby girl."

Obviously it became extremely memeable.

Twitter: @00heartstrings

Lastly, Kim Kardashian hopped on the "I'm [blank], obviously I  [blank]" trend in a new TikTok that was met with some serious criticism.

Some called her "out of touch," especially for her use of tanning beds while promoting a skincare line. Yikes!

Anyways, let's palate cleanse with some enjoyable, funny, and cute moments from around the internet.

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Wish: This queen was on the Coachella lineup.

Twitter: @willfulchaos

Love: Me as much as this person loves this hash brown.

Twitter: @messedupfoods

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