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OnlyFans models accuse platform of taking down their content despite allegedly no 'valid reason': 'I feel I am being discriminated against'

Two OnlyFans models with significant online followings have accused the platform of taking down their content despite it allegedly not violating any terms or community guidelines.

Creators Rowan Odubhain and Aaliyah Yasin, who have 48,000 and 98,000 Twitter followers respectively, vented to their audiences about feeling frustrated with OnlyFans for removing content “for no reason whatsoever.”

Odubhain, who shared her thoughts on May 7, claimed that she personally reviewed one specific video that was recently taken down and couldn’t find anything that would violate the platform’s terms of service. Allegedly, when she reached out for further explanation, she said she got back an email that said, “We will not be able to provide more detailed information regarding this matter.”

“You take 20% of my earnings DO F****** BETTER!” Odubhain wrote. “Give models valid reason for content removal not a generic-ass message saying it breaks TOS (When I know it clearly doesn’t.) Then say you cant even look into it when you should be able to.”

OnlyFans does deduct 20% of total earnings. Creators earn money through subscriptions, exclusive content, pay-per-view fees for more personalized content and tips from fans.

“I legit am a stickler for rules, I follow them on each platform and haven’t had any issue till this year with OF but the lack of actual support from there support team of resolving issues is crazy,” Odubhain said in another tweet.

Yasin, on May 11, shared sentiments similar to Odubhain’s and directly tagged OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan in her tweet. In it, Yasin alleged that a photo of her in a dress and hijab and other similar content was “suddenly being MASS removed” from her account.

“I feel I am being discriminated against by your moderation team as a Pakistani Muslim creator,” she wrote to Gan. “I feel BULLIED and DISCRIMINATED.”

Two days later, Yasin confirmed that the content had been restored to her account, but she still wasn’t sure why it had been taken down in the first place.

On May 15, Yasin shared a screenshot from an OnlyFans representative’s apology email, which called the situation “an error.” But despite the content being restored, Yasin broke down in another tweet about what the consequences were of having her photos removed.

“I’ve lost around 8k likes due to post deletion … [likes] may not sound important, but this shows potential subs if my page is worth subscribing to,” she wrote. “I’ve lost all the tags that were on posts due to them restoring it and not applying the same settings from when I had uploaded it. I’ve lost all labels for the posts which now makes it harder for my subs to find specific content.”

According to OnlyFans, there are several reasons content can be taken down. The list includes if it features people under 18 or pretending to be under 18, if it could be considered violent and if there is anything illegal included. OnlyFans also states that it has the the right to go through private messages as well and can take down content or even deactivate accounts over guideline violations.

Both Odubhain and Yasin insist their content never violated guidelines. Another issue that Odubhain raised in a tweet from May 15 is that the terms of service have changed over the years as well. In the same tweet, Odubhain accused OnlyFans of “coming after” her after she spoke out about her content being taken down.

“I feel like OF is coming after me for speaking up about their site issues,” she wrote, “based on the fact that I woke up to 20 flagged DMs from 2021 when TOS was different than now!”

“It’s completely ridiculous that they expect people to go through every single thing on their site when their TOS is constantly changing,” another creator tweeted in response to Odubhain’s accusation.

OnlyFans did not respond to In The Know’s request for comment.

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