The One Grocery Store Item R&B Singer Brandy Can't Live Without (Exclusive)

Brandy Norwood

Over the years, decorated singer and actress Brandy Norwood has created a safe space for Black girls of all ages. From making us wish we could all be down to delivering impeccable fashion sense in her role on the hit show Moesha, the "Full Moon" songstress has long been an idol and icon to many.

Revered as our Black Cinderella and—of course—The Vocal Bible, Brandy's influence throughout her career is incomparable. It's because of this reason that when popular wine brand Stella Rosa announced its foray into the brandy business, it was a no-brainer to tap the crooner to be the face of the release.

While 2022 saw the release of Stella Rosa Smooth Black, Tropical Passion and Honey Peach Brandy, this year, the duo that we never knew we needed came back to deliver a new flavor worth talking about: Butter Toffee.

During the rollout event in Atlanta, Brandy sat down to chat with us about all things Stella Rosa and more—including some of her favorite grocery store items that she has to pick up on each run.

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Stella Rosa Butter Toffee Brandy<p>Stella Rosa</p>
Stella Rosa Butter Toffee Brandy

Stella Rosa

"Cranberry juice," she said without a thought. "Ocean Spray. And they ain't cuttin' the check to say that, so you know it's real."

When asked if there was any particular flavor out of the lineup she liked the most, she responded that Cran-Apple is her go-to when traveling on the plane, but the OG was a must-have during every grocery store trip.

But don't think that's all she gave us. For fans of the songstress, it may come as no surprise that her top must-have snack of all time is a classic: Doritos. But not just any flavor though. According to Brandy, it has to be the Cool Ranch and nothing spicy.

"I can't do the Flamin' Hot," she laughed. "Who wants spicy food?! Who wants their mouth burnin' up?!"

While I personally will have to agree to disagree with the legendary chanteuse, I've got to respect it. But if you're on the same page as Brandy, you might want to grab a bag of Cool Ranch and a bottle of Ocean Spray on your next grocery store run. And, if you like to imbibe on a little something sweet and strong, grab a bottle of the new Butter Toffee Brandy, too.

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