Once You Shave Frozen Tomatoes Over Burrata You'll Never Be The Same

Burrata and tomato salad
Burrata and tomato salad - Alexey Burakov/Shutterstock

Viral food dishes have been a mixture of bizarre and wonderful (admit it, the TikTok-inspired feta pasta was genius). Another internet revelation will blow your socks off — welcome the shaved frozen tomato burrata salad, or otherwise likened to a shaved ice Caprese salad. Tomatoes and burrata are commonly paired with one another; the light, vibrant flavor of the tomatoes gorgeously couples with the creamy, rich cheese. However, the grating of frozen tomatoes proves how this epic duo can be reinvented.

Begin by freezing a medium to large-sized tomato until it is solid. Then, on a plate, break a room-temperature burrata in half (so the buttery filling is exposed) and grate the frozen tomato over the top. Add olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and seasoning to taste. The grated tomato should layer like red snow upon the cheese, with the dressings bringing all those fantastic flavors together. It's an incredible dish that looks expertly created and has that nostalgic bright taste of summer. Breezy and cool, you'll never look at tomatoes the same way.

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Simply The Grate-Est

Frozen tomato grated onto burrata
Frozen tomato grated onto burrata

This dish is straightforward to make, but before you grate away, there are a few things to consider.


So far, many users creating this online have opted for a small grater tool, which allows you to get that really fine tomato consistency. You can experiment with a coarser grade, but it may not have the same effect. It's also handy to use room-temperature burrata as it will have that beautiful creamy texture.

Alongside the dressing, adding a spark of green to this dish makes it more visually appealing. This can take the form of fresh basil or arugula. These would also complement the existing flavors, with basil bringing sweet, earthy notes and arugula providing a peppery undertone. It's also best to freeze a big tomato, as a larger fruit will make grating much easier. You can freeze fresh tomatoes for up to 12 months; ensure they are stored in an airtight bag or container to prevent any cross-contamination with other items.

Choosing The Best Ingredients

Fresh burrata on a plate
Fresh burrata on a plate - niaculescu/Shutterstock

Burrata is not a cheap ingredient, and the last thing you want to do is grate a mediocre tomato over the top. The same is true in reverse — you want that burrata to be buttery and creamy, not tough and grainy. Try to purchase the freshest burrata possible and use it within 48 hours. The longer a burrata is left uneaten, the more liquid (that it's held within) it will absorb. If it's feasible, use it as soon as possible.

When choosing tomatoes at the store, you want those that are uniform in color and texture. Avoid tomatoes that are discolored or have any firm spots near the stem. And while you're selecting delicious burrata and tomatoes, why not choose a reputable olive oil brand that will tie all those Meditareran flavors splendidly together? Ideally, it's handy to have a nice bottle of olive oil that is reserved for such occasions. The next time you feel peckish or want a fancy-feeling snack, consider shaving a frozen tomato over burrata — it's truly heavenly.

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