OMG! Lady Gaga just debuted the 'naked eyebrow' trend

lady gaga naked eyebrows
Lady Gaga says 'hello hello, baby' to naked 'browsAndrew Toth - Getty Images

'Gaga, ooh-la-la,' the sobering echos of Monday morning sounds as we rise to a brand new look from the one and only pop superstar, Lady Gaga. Another week, another celebrity beauty transformation, what can I say?

Just a few hours ago [4 March, 2024], Gaga took to Instagram to debut a fresh set of – or rather, lack thereof – eyebrows. In other words, the award-winning actor-meets-singer has bleached her brunette 'brows a peroxide white-blonde colour, making for the naked trend look we saw Noah Cyrus famously front during the late months of 2022.

"Xoxo night night writing lyrics in bed sleep tight," the star wrote to caption her selfie.

Oh, and did I mention that she's completely makeup-free and in bed? A natural beauty.

However, to really appreciate the drama of this makeover, we recommend taking a look at Gaga's previous emotion expressers with the below social media post – that was shared just short of a week ago, may I add:

Now you see 'em and now you don't!

Not only do we appreciate the transformation but a number of fans seemingly do, too. A handful of Gaga's followers have taken to the comments section of the post in question to not only share their love for her new look but to also speculate that succeeding this, there may soon come an announcement.

"bleached eyebrows hmm? something's cooking for real"

"Bleached brows! What’s coming ma’am 🧐"

"bleached brows omg capitalist era over maybe? 😭"

"Bleached brows are back she’s coming"

"gaga writes every time. But the bleached brows are saying me SOMETHING IS COMING"

Unfortunately, while we are yet to gain any more information at this moment in time, we are hoping that Gaga will reveal something very soon. So, keep your eyes and ears peeled, lil monsters!

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