Older Adults Are Sharing The "Shocking And Annoying" Things Younger Generations Do That Has Them Rolling Their Eyes At

Older Adults Are Sharing The "Shocking And Annoying" Things Younger Generations Do That Has Them Rolling Their Eyes At

Sometimes, when conversing with someone significantly older, I quickly realize that there are just some things older people will never understand about younger people. That's okay because I, too, cannot keep up with our constantly changing trends, slang, and styles. The older folks of the BuzzFeed Community recently shared the things that surprise them most about Gen Z'ers and Millennials. Here is what they had to say.

1."Watching gaming streaming. Why would anyone want to watch someone else they don't know playing a video game?"


A man with dreadlocks wearing a cap and glasses wipes his eyes. Another man, also with dreadlocks, stands behind him with eyes closed

2."The nails. I can’t with the nails. One woman was postpartum and had these two-inch long nails, and all I could think was, you’re going to change a baby’s diaper with those momma scissor hands?? Another food influencer had a close-up of her hand with food under the nails (hopefully not on purpose) and then proceeded to stuff her face. Gross. I find the ‘cleaning experts’ with the extra-long nails particularly annoying. Are they just press on nails?"

"Also ‘the hand’ that appears out of nowhere half covered in a sweater sleeve. A random well-manicured hand appears at unboxings, make-up reveals, showing off food, picking up a coffee cup, usually accompanied by either an annoying voice or a cringey music loop."


3."Manners! Young people don't have any manners or respect! I spent this past weekend working with 20 and 30-somethings. Their lack of respect and manners towards other people was wild! I just couldn't understand. I guess I'm old with old-school values and manners."


4."I'd add making a whole TikTok video just to ask an easily Google-able question."

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5."Narcissistic and gaslighter are just modern terms for people who are manipulative assholes."


6."Creating GoFundMe pages for cosmetic surgery and/or procedures."

A woman receiving a cosmetic injection in her forehead at a medical clinic, given by a professional wearing gloves
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7."They can’t even hold a phone properly. They talk at it with the speakers at the bottom pointing at themselves."


8."Middle or high schoolers can’t tell you what their favorite genre of TV shows are because they don’t watch TV — they watch TikTok and YouTube."


9."Something super popular nowadays is the obsession with lip procedures. Almost every girl nowadays has a post on Facebook showing a lip procedure. No wonder people these days have self-esteem issues. Whatever happened to natural over fake? Or authenticity over approval?"

A close-up of a person receiving a lip injection by someone wearing blue gloves
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10."Can we add talking to someone via earbuds, etc., on your phone when entering a store or restaurant where a live waiter or clerk is literally trying to help and/or serve you?"


11."I've had a friend tell me multiple times, 'I'm so anxious, I'm having an anxiety attack.' While I sympathize, upon further questioning, she's simply feeling down or anxious. Please. Having an anxiety or panic attack is SO much more than that. Let's not confuse the two."


12."I think what gets me most is pretending that they have it worse than any generation before them, and I don't mean they are on the normal teenage level. The willful ignorance of history, especially LGBTQ history. They act like they have it worse than everyone before is grating."

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13."Apologizing for not answering the phone, not texting back immediately, not returning a message, not being available and responsive right then and now all the time."


14."Born in '92, and while I didn’t personally do this, I know many people my age who would send pictures and videos of themselves crying on Snapchat or post on Facebook/MySpace. Just say you need to talk or need help. I lose a lot of empathy for whatever’s going on if I have to learn about it from a video of someone filming themselves crying. Just say you need someone to talk to."


15.And finally, "FaceTiming someone without asking first and then forcing that person to either put their face on camera when they weren't ready or decline the call, which — depending on the person making the call — can cause arguments, especially since an insecure partner will often accuse you of being with someone else if you aren't willing to show your face at that moment. Personally, I hate phone calls and video calls, but if someone tries to video call me, I am instantly declining. I do not want my face on camera unless we agreed beforehand that I am ready."


Is there anything else you could add to this list? If so, share it with me in the comments below.