'Office' Co-Creator Recalls An Awkward Thanksgiving At Mick Jagger's House

Stephen Merchant, the co-creator of “The Office” in the U.K., told Stephen Colbert a rollicking tale Monday about a random Thanksgiving at Mick Jagger’s house. (Watch the video below.)

An American friend invited him for the celebration in London, where, of course, the U.S. holiday is not generally observed. The friend failed to mention the name of the host.

So imagine Merchant’s surprise when the Rolling Stones legend answered the door.

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh, my God. If Mick Jagger’s the butler, whose house is this?’” Merchant said on “The Late Show.”

As hard as he tried to play it cool, Merchant couldn’t stop piling on the awkwardness. When the rock ’n’ roll icon introduced himself, all the flustered guest could manage was, “Hey, Mick, what do you do?”

Merchant, an actor and writer on “The Outlaws” crime-comedy series, dug deep to ask the famous host a unique question. “All I could come up with to ask was ‘So, Mick, what time’s bedtime for you?’”

Merchant said he was never asked back ― and perhaps it was more because of his appalling ability to spear appetizers. The funnyman described a moment when Jagger held out a tray of pigs in a blanket and Merchant broke into a sweat trying to pierce the morsel with his toothpick.

But he fired off a winning line that Jagger might remember for all future Thanksgivings.

Said Merchant: “I just looked at him and went, ‘You can’t always get what you want.’”

Fast-forward to 1:55 for Merchant’s recollection of his feast with Jagger. You might find you get what you need: