NVIDIA adds native M1 Mac support to the GeForce Now app

Amazon's 'Lost Ark' is now available on the game streaming service too.


The GeForce Now macOS app should run more smoothly for many Mac users after the addition of native support for Apple's M1 chips. NVIDIA initially rolled out M1 support last year, albeit through Rosetta, a translation process that allows apps based on x86–64 architecture to run on Apple's chips.

NVIDIA says the app will now consume less power, have faster startup times and offer an all-round improved experience on M1-based MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Minis. In addition, the latest version of the cloud gaming app includes a revamped overlay that displays server-side rendering framerates.

GeForce Now support for another batch of games was also announced (which is something NVIDIA typically does every Thursday). One of this week's additions is Amazon's hit free-to-play RPG Lost Ark. Given that the game doesn't have native macOS support, Mac users who are interested in checking it out now have a way to do so. Other new titles that GeForce Now users can stream include Dune: Spice Wars, Sol Cresta and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt.