Nutella Ice Pops Tastes Like Fudgsicles And Only Require 3 Ingredients

nutella popsicles with nutella
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Spreading Nutella on toast and downing it by the spoonful are some our favorite ways to eat this delicious spread, but that's not all it's good for. Its creamy consistency and mouthwatering chocolate-hazelnut flavor make it an excellent ingredient in baking, where you can use it to whip up everything from toasted sandwich cookies to three-ingredient cookies. But in the spring and summer, when you want to stay away from your oven as much as possible, you don't have to stop eating Nutella. Instead, just incorporate it into ice pops.

Just like our simple cookies, popsicles infused with this spread boast a blissfully short ingredient list. All you need is Nutella, milk, and a whipped topping like Cool Whip (or heavy cream), where the latter two serve to dilute the spread a bit and give your treats a smooth, creamy consistency. With only about five minutes of prep time required, you can end up with rich ice pops that will remind you of your favorite Fudgsicle bars — just without all the additives and artificial elements. In fact, even Nutella itself only contains seven ingredients. And although these treats are simple to whip up, they'll last in your freezer for a whopping three months.

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Forget Fudgsicles With Customizable Nutella Ice Pops

spoonful of nutella and container
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While you can use the three aforementioned ingredients, you can also just incorporate Nutella and milk if you'd prefer a lighter dessert. If you choose to do this, just replace the heavy cream with more milk. Go for whole milk over skim for a little more decadence, but feel free to instead use alternatives like soy, oat, or almond if you're dairy-free. If you're deploying a whipped topping, use 1 cup for every half cup of milk and quarter cup of Nutella. But if you're going with heavy cream, combine 4 tablespoons with 1 cup of milk, and a half cup plus 1 tablespoon of Nutella. For some extra sweetness and thickness, you can also add half a cup of condensed milk.

You'll want the smoothest mixture possible here, so you may want to combine all your ingredients together in a blender. However, you can also whisk them and pour them through a strainer. Then the classic way to make ice pops is, of course, with popsicle molds — and if you use these, wait until the treats have frozen for an hour before inserting the sticks, since this will help keep them in place. But you can also use small disposable cups in a pinch by pouring in the mixture, covering them with foil, and making a slit for the sticks. Either way, you'll end up with a creamy, chocolatey frozen dessert perfect for summer.

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