Non-binary style icon no-show at court

Deni Todorovic is due to face court on Monday. Picture: ABC
Deni Todorovic is due to face court on Monday. Picture: ABC

Non-binary activist and stylist Deni Todorovic did not front court as they were hit with a restraining order on behalf of their former partner.

The queer influencer was listed to face Newtown Local Court on Monday under the name Ratko Denis Todorovic, with the AVO being taken out by police on behalf of Todorovic’s former partner, Mitchell Peter Latham.

But they did not face court on Monday, with no lawyer to represent the influencer.

A police prosecutor told the court the matter was going to be adjourned to July 3 to “match up with the charge”.

It is not yet known what charge Todorovic is facing and the prosecutor declined to comment when approached by NCA NewsWire.

It is understood the order was taken out following an alleged incident on Thursday.

BEC + BRIDGE - Arrivals- Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023
Non-binary activist and stylist Deni Todorovic has been hit with a restraining order. Picture: Caroline McCredie / Getty Images for AAFW

The couple revealed they were in a relationship during an Instagram video during this year’s Mardi Gras celebrations in March.

“We’ve made a choice to keep things off the ’gram for as long/short and as frequently/infrequently as we so chose too,” Todorovic wrote on Instagram in April.

“You have been some of the best 5 weeks of love, I have had the honour of experiencing in my 35 short laps around the sun.

“Here’s to another 5 weeks, months, days, hours, years, decades, life times.”

The application comes after Todorovic posted a series of worrying posts to social media throughout the week after travelling to Sydney to attend Afterpay Australia Fashion Week.

Todorovic spent the week in headlines following a series of posts after relationship breakdowns with brands Bonds and Seafolly.

ACLER Presents Resort 2024 Collection At Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023
The style icon spent the week in headlines. Picture: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images for Acler

They first made headlines following a heated dispute with Jetstar Airlines after refusing to pay a $100 surcharge for excess baggage.

Todorovic said they had been subjected to “homophobic and racist” behaviour and wrote “Jetstar, suck my d**k” on their thighs when they arrived at AAFW.

The following day, Todorovic was turned away from Nadia Bartel’s Henne fashion show.

Friends and family have expressed concern for Todorovic’s mental health in recent weeks.

The 34-year-old’s family took to Todorovic’s Instagram account on Friday to assure followers they were “safe and in good hands”.