Nigella Lawson Literally Keeps Her Favorite Condiment In Her Purse

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Most of the contents of Nigella Lawson's handbag look pretty much like anyone else's. As she once showcased in a YouTube video, she carries around old receipts, lip balm, her iPad, and of course her wallet and keys. But one thing that the celebrity chef keeps in her purse that most people definitely do not, is mustard. In a post on her blog, she revealed that she never travels without it. In fact, she considers it as essential as her passport and contact lenses, according to what she wrote in another post.

Considering how common it is to find mustard packets while dining out, you might question why Lawson would bother carrying her own. However, her preference is specifically for English mustard. What sets this type of mustard apart from all other different mustard varieties is that it contains little to no vinegar, so it isn't as tangy. It's also made with both yellow and brown mustard seeds. These differences account for its strong, distinct flavor -- a flavor Lawson is clearly a big fan of.

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Nigella Lawson's Favorite English Mustard

Different types of mustard on gray counter
Different types of mustard on gray counter - Olesya_sh/Shutterstock

There's no question that Nigella Lawson's favorite mustard is English mustard, but she also has a preferred brand. Whenever the subject comes up in interviews or on her blog, she always mentions Colman's English mustard. English mustard, including Colman's, is sold in liquid form and as mustard powder, and Lawson utilizes both of these. She told Epicurious that she reserves the powdered form at home, while she carries the liquid kind in a tube in her purse. The only texture she doesn't seem to like is when liquid is added to the powder, and it becomes too watery. "My late mother-in-law always used to make it too runny for me in that I hated that," Lawson shared in an episode of the podcast "The Sporkful with Dan Pashman."

English mustard is typically used to bring a bit of heat to sandwiches, sauces, roasts, and even a bloody mary if you're feeling adventurous, but Lawson uses it for practically everything. Though she told Pashman she's never "eaten it straight from the tube," she also said she loves it so much she would eat it with plain bread alone. In the episode, she also recalled fighting the urge to put it on a black truffle dish.

Why Nigella Lawson Carries Around English Mustard In Her Purse

Bowl filled with English mustard
Bowl filled with English mustard - Aleksandrova Karina/Shutterstock

It goes without saying that Nigella Lawson carries around English mustard in her purse because it's one of her favorite condiments. Another contributing factor is that it the condiment isn't very easy to find outside of the U.K., and Lawson regularly travels for work. When visiting the United States, for example, she was grateful to have it while at a steakhouse, as she shared on her blog. She did the same while in Brazil during her book tour.

German mustard and Dijon mustard are often used as substitutes for English mustard (Lawson leans towards Dijon as a substitute), but the truth is they don't quite measure up. "It's very different from either American or French mustard and is fiercely, sinus-clearingly hot — think of it as a British wasabi!" she said to Epicurious. This unique flavor makes it a must-have for Lawson, who prefers to keep it in her purse rather than wait until she's back in the U.K. to enjoy it.

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