Nicole Scherzinger’s overlined lips are all that we’re looking at

Makeup is an art form; not only can it be used as a platform for creativity and self-expression but for some, it's also a tool for building confidence. So, that's why we're all for celebrities experimenting with beauty. And taking to the podium today is Nicole Scherzinger with her festive glam that features an extra slay overlined lip.

In the singer's latest Instagram post shared just short of 24 hours ago, Nicole dons a head-to-toe green fashion ensemble and matching makeup look. Now, as into this entire look as we are, what initially drew our (read: the Cosmo Beauty team's) attention was Nicole's overlined pout. For reference, scroll through the three-part carousel post below:

To the average eye, the Pussycat Doll alum's lips perhaps look unseen too – after all, from the caption of her post, we're going to assume that the look's intended focal point is the wash of colour; "One of my fav colors of the season! 🦚 What’s yours!?"

However, as earlier mentioned, to us beauty journos, we must admire and hail the meticulous work it takes to overline a pout – so much so that the result is natural looking.

On the eyes, Nic is shown to be sporting a flush of peacock green, whereas the base of her makeup has been kept quite neutral with a bronzed cheek and satin nude lip. Chynara Kojoeva – aka makeup artist and genius behind Nicole's immaculate beat – please do share your secrets. Mwah!

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