Nicolas Cage shocks with bold red hair: 'Awful'

Nicolas Cage is known for doing some weird and wonderful things, including building his very own pyramid tomb in New Orleans.

Now, he has shocked fans with a drastic hair change, leaving him almost unrecognisable.

Nicolas Cage with bright red hair and glasses takes a selfie with a fan
Nicolas Cage is sporting a bright new hairstyle. Photo: Facebook/Mike Spring

The Face/Off star has been showing off his bright red hair, and fans have been quick to share photos.

“Well you can tell we’re in L.A. because I just met Nicolas Cage at breakfast. Yup,” wrote fans Mike and Melissa Spring, alongside a selfie with the star.

The 58-year-old actor looks a bit unkempt, with ruffled red hair, and is also sporting a messy beard.

Fans found it hard to believe that it was really the star, with many wondering how Mike and Melissa even spotted the star in the first place.


“I don’t think I have run into anyone randomly like that. I don’t know that I would have even recognised him!” one wrote.

“I would not have recognised him, damn,” added another.

“Seems like it was an early continental free breakfast and Nic went down before fully ready and awake,” a third chimed in.

Responding to all the fans that weren’t sure if it was actually Nicolas, the pair wrote: “While many people wouldn’t have recognised him just by looking at him, there was no mistaking him once he started talking!”

“He apparently has an apartment across the street so he comes in for breakfast sometimes.”

Two photos of Nicolas Cage with bright red hair
The reactions to his new look have been mixed. Photo: Twitter/Morganna Bramah

On Twitter, another fan spotted Nicolas ‘in the wild’, and shared two photos of his striking hairstyle.

“Just Nic Cage with new Cherry red hair…that’s it, that’s the Tweet,” she wrote, alongside the snaps.

“I think he actually looks better with the red hair! Anything is an improvement!” one fan wrote on social media.

“Looks great to me, in fact I prefer the more scruffy look,” a second chimed in.

“It’s nice that Cage is finally cutting loose, after years and years of being so strait-laced and introverted,” joked another.

While fans were mostly excited about Nicolas’ new look, there were some unkind comments.

“It makes him look just as creepy as he always does, and he’s still an awful actor,” one said.

“Well he’s finally famous for something and it ain’t for his acting,” added a second.

“Reminds me of circus clowns,” another remarked.

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