Here's How The Internet Is Reacting To Nicki Minaj Throwing Something At A Fan Onstage After They Threw It At Her

The trend of people throwing things onstage at musicians, unfortunately, continues.

You remember last summer, when Bebe Rexha sustained injuries from having a phone thrown at her onstage...

Bebe Rexha onstage
Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images for Coachella

Or when Harry Styles had an object thrown at his eye onstage...

Harry Styles in a cream suit jacket with a glittering shirt, holding a Grammy award onstage
Kevin Winter / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Or when someone threw friggin' ashes onstage during a P!nk concert...

Closeup of Pink
Rich Fury / Getty Images for dcp

And of course, who can forget when Cardi B threw her damn microphone at a fan after they threw a drink at her.

Closeup of Cardi B
Dia Dipasupil / FilmMagic

Speaking of that last incident, let's check in on Nicki Minaj's latest tour stop in Detroit.

Nicki Minaj performs on stage in a black outfit with a dancer behind her
Getty Images

During the show, a fan apparently threw something at Nicki from onstage. Can you guess what happened next?

Nicki Minaj on stage with text "Why would somebody throw something on stage ?" expressing surprise
@itsneshaaa / Via

That's right: She threw it right back at them.

Nicki Minaj in a white outfit on stage with an audience in the background
@itsneshaaa / Via

Here's another angle, courtesy of this video:

Nicki Minaj on stage throwing an object, audience in foreground, text overlay: "NICKI THREW SOMETHING AT ME.."
@imdiorbaby / Via

Of course, the internet had reactions:

User JayZ.A.Texan commented, "Security like nah Nic got it," with a sunglasses emoji
@itsneshaaa / Via
Comment on a social media post questioning why security did not respond to an incident, accompanied by a concerned emoji
@itsneshaaa / Via
Comment under a social media post: User expresses dismay about someone looking upset
@itsneshaaa / Via
Comment from a user named Crpelt, expressing they would have had someone removed
@itsneshaaa / Via
Comment on a social post about audience behavior towards artists
@itsneshaaa / Via
Comment by Choy Hester on stricter concert policies affecting what can be brought to events, expressing frustration
@itsneshaaa / Via

Bottom line: Stop throwing things at artists onstage! It's not good.