Nick Viall and Natalie Joy Detail Honeymoon Nightmare in Turks and Caicos Because of Torn Passport Page

The couple recounted how their honeymoon kicked off with a bit of bad luck

<p>Anna Webber/Getty</p> From Left: Natalie Joy and Nick Viall on April 10, 2024

Anna Webber/Getty

From Left: Natalie Joy and Nick Viall on April 10, 2024

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy’s honeymoon wasn’t as joyous as they’d hoped. On the Viall Files podcast, the couple shared that their honeymoon kicked off with a bit of bad luck — which only got worse as the plans went underway.

The Bachelor alum said it all started when he forgot a cowboy hat that he had gotten engraved with daughter River Rose’s name. “I'm putting River into the car seat, and I have brought the cowboy hat that I got…  I was like, 'This is perfect for a welcome party. They look good or whatever.' And I put the hat on top of the car,” he recalled. “Got to the airport and I'm like, ‘Where's the f------ hat?’ No, and I realized I left it on top of the car.”

“Along with his wallet [with credit cards] that he left behind in my sister's car,” Joy added.

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Viall said that he still had his passport so they were able to board their plane. However, when they arrived at the airport in Turks and Caicos, they were hit with another roadblock after customs agents flagged Joy’s passport for having a torn page.

“And it was so hard because it was like we had just had this high, you know, we were — we had the best two days ever. And then it was like, we were so excited. And then we got there and it was like, ‘We had put all this work into River's passport and my mom's passport.’ And it was like, ‘I didn't check mine,’ ” Joy explained, noting that both her mom and daughter had to have their passports expedited in order to make the trip.

Viall continued, “At this point, you know… I'm still optimistic. Because they're like, 'We're not supposed to let you in.' I'm hearing 'supposed to,' not 'can't...' They come out and they're like, 'Sorry. We're sending you back.' "

<p>Natalie Joy/Instagram</p> From Left: Natalie Joy and Nick Viall

Natalie Joy/Instagram

From Left: Natalie Joy and Nick Viall

Fortunately the couple was able to get a refund from the resort where they had booked their stay. However, it would turn out to be a long and strenuous day for the pair as their flight home — which had been rebooked six hours later — was eventually canceled due to a “maintenance issue.”

“At first, it's a little scary, you know? It's a little scary to be in this, like, foreign country, but at the same time, it just puts everything into perspective because you're just like, you know, at the end of the day, f--- it. We just — we have to take care of our daughter. We have to take care of each other,” Viall said. “And as much as it, like, sucked, you know, it was our first moment of, like, being a family and facing adversity together.”

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Their flight back to the U.S. was rescheduled for 10 a.m. the next day. A Delta Airlines crew member, who Viall called “an angel,” helped them book a hotel room for the night at an “antique” hotel called the Palms. The reality star recalled that she told them, “They're gonna make an exception. They're gonna let you in for a night.”

“We had dinner. We had one night,” Viall shared, before Joy added, “I put on one of my honeymoon outfits. We all go to dinner.”

“And I'm just like, ‘Babe, all this is is a bad day. Yeah. It's just that's it. Like, nothing's really changed…’ We had dinner as a family and it was a nice dinner,” the Bachelor star said.

<p>Natalie Joy/Instagram</p> Nick Viall and daughter River

Natalie Joy/Instagram

Nick Viall and daughter River

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He shared that when they woke up the next day and got to the airport for their flight, they had found out that the airport had been evacuated shortly after they left to go to the Palms hotel for the night due to a "bomb threat." He added, “It could've been so much worse.”

Viall then said that they “hope” to reschedule the honeymoon eventually and were considering Puerto Rico as a destination since he wasn’t sure if they would have enough time to “fix Natalie’s passport.”

“We want it to be a honeymoon. We didn't want it to be another trip,” he explained. "So, we're hoping to try to do that. We're still figuring things out. Like we literally just got back last night and we're sitting here with y'all right now. So we'd definitely like to have a honeymoon. We don't really have anything planned, and we don't know where to go yet.”

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