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Nia Long gets her radiant glow from this quick-absorbing Estée Lauder recovery serum

Nia Long gets her radiant glow from this quick-absorbing Estée Lauder recovery serum

It's always refreshing to see celebrities who aren't afraid to be real. Sure, they often look otherworldly on the red carpet in a full face of makeup and thousand-dollar gowns, but over on Instagram, stars like Drew Barrymore and Nia Long show off the fact that underneath it all, they're just like us. Long — best known for her roles in Love Jones, The Best Man and You People — recently took followers inside her skin-care routine, which includes Estée Lauder's popular Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Serum.

While some creams and serums leave behind a greasy, slick residue, this serum has an oil-free texture that users say absorbs quickly.

$72 at Macy's

In the video posted last month on Instagram, Long gives viewers a glimpse of her bare skin — which is, admittedly, pretty close to flawless. Then, she swipes on the Estée Lauder serum. In just seconds, her gorgeous skin looks even more radiant and glowing. The actress completes her look with Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation in Rich Chestnut.

Anyone who has spent time in a beauty store recently knows there are lots of skin-care options — maybe too many! In addition to basics like face wash and moisturizer, serums have become a skin-care staple. The Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Serum is special because it's a multitasker. Not only is it shown to improve firmness and brightness, but it's also made with hyaluronic acid to keep skin soft and moisturized, and it includes antioxidants that can protect against environmental damage.

Not sure how to work a serum into your skin-care routine? It's easier than you think. This formula works especially well overnight, but you can also use it in the morning. Just use the dropper to apply it to your face and neck after you cleanse and tone. Massage it in with your fingertips, then follow up with a day moisturizer or a night cream.

Macy's shoppers love this serum just as much as Long does — and they give it an impressive 4.5 out of a flawless five stars.

"Best evening serum," one shopper titled their review. "I have been using this evening serum for years. One of the best. Leaves my skin smooth and reduces lines and wrinkles."

Another reviewer agreed, writing, "[I] love using this serum. I've been using it for more than 20 years. My facial skin is smooth and wrinkle-free."

"I actually tried my foundation without this serum the first time, then did another application including this serum," said a third fan. "I can honestly say it completely gives any foundation life! It truly transforms your skin into a glowy and youthful base to start with. Helps all products blend out seamlessly. It leaves your skin feeling moisturized for many days!"

It's important to note that some people who've tried this serum say that it didn't agree with their skin.

"I've used this serum in the past without incident. After four days, my skin began to itch and I got red bumps," one customer warned. "I do have sensitive skin, so I guess it's not for people like us."

"The serum felt good for the first week, but now my face is breaking out a bit," another commented. "I'd like to keep trying it and see if it works on me or not."

(Tip: When you try new skin-care and beauty products, start with a patch test. Rather than apply the product directly to your face, apply a small amount to your hand or wrist to see how you'll react.)

"I use it morning and night," said one reviewer. "The dropper amount is perfect, don't skimp. It will quickly soak in. [It is] never sticky and a nice base for any daytime routine. I'm 71 and feel beautiful!" 

$72 at Macy's

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