Newspaper makes hilarious typo in Meghan Markle story

Holly Hales
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Meghan Markle has been caught up by a newspaper's typo. Photo: Getty/Twitter

Meghan Markle has been on the receiving end of a hilarious of a newspaper typo, which gave a positive spin to her royal title.

The blunder was committed by Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph on Monday and saw the publication refer to the Duchess of Sussex instead as the Duchess of Success.

In its opening line, the copy explored Thomas Markle’s claims he’s been ‘ghosted’ by his daughter following baby Archie’s birth before making the incorrect reference.

Royal’s rival

Online, royal watchers were quick to find humour in the gaffe, with the original poster calling it a “petition to officially change Meghan Markle’s title”.

Others also chimed in, saying the error was both ‘hilarious’ and ‘appropriate’.

The article’s release comes after Meghan’s feud with her father was reignited last week, telling Daily Mail he’s ‘sick of the lies’ his daughter allegedly peddles.

“I don't want anything from Meghan or Harry but I'm not going to shut up until the whole truth is out there,” he said. “I will continue to contradict anything said about me that isn't true.”

Thomas Markle has been speaking out against his famous daughter for over a year. Photo: GMB

In her first major speech in Fiji, Meghan spoke about how she paid her own way through university and would not have been able to afford the reported $200,000 tuition fees at Northwestern University without financial aid.

Thomas found problem with this claim, saying it’s completely untrue, and only spoke out about it now because his daughter was pregnant at the time.

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