News anchor unintentionally introduces boyfriend’s proposal during live newscast

A Tennessee news anchor unintentionally introduced a romantic segment starring her and her boyfriend during a live newscast.

Cornelia Nicholson was brought to tears when her partner and co-anchor Riley Nagel presented her with the best surprise on-air. The Chattanooga-based journalist exposed her unforeseen engagement in a 21 August TikTok. One moment, Cornelia is sitting at her desk reading off the teleprompter in front of her, and the next she’s staring at Nagel with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Coming up right now, we have the story of two journalists who just so happened to find love in the same industry. Local 3’s Riley Nagel joins us in the studio with a special report,” Nicholson said, smiling to herself as she read the words given to her. Nagel approached her and proclaimed: “That’s right, Cornelia. I have a special report for people at home who may know Cornelia and I met in the news, back in Montana.”

Nagel explained how the two had been introduced four years ago and that he was “immediately” drawn to her. He complimented her bright personality and journalistic instincts. “You are pretty much the reason, the main reason, why I’m still in news today,” Nagel noted.

“I thought it would be fitting to ask you this question here, as we met in news,” he continued. “Cornelia Nicholson, would you marry me?”

A shocked Nicholson brought her hands to her mouth, weeping, as Nagel knelt on one knee in front of her. She shook her head before answering: “Yes.” Nagel slipped the ring on her shaking finger, sealing the deal with a quick kiss and long embrace.

“Still at a loss for words. Riley Nagel hid this so well. I am so excited for our future together,” Nicholson’s TikTok caption read. The video, which has now received more than 4.1 million views on the app alone, attracted thousands of supporters eager to congratulate the newly engaged pair.

One fan wrote: “This was the sweetest most gentle proposal. I’m crying.”

“I LOVE how he listed all the ways he admired and respected her, and even checked in on her mid-proposal,” one man pointed out, while another added: “I love how they’re keeping their news voices for the proposal.”

“I usually don’t like to watch these cause I’m bitter, but this was just beautiful,” a self-proclaimed cynic remarked. Most viewers commented on how “smitten” Nagel seemed, adding that the pair stayed true to themselves in how they prefer to be broadcasted.

In a later video, Nicholson thanked her followers for their warm messages and sweet congratulations on behalf of her and Nagel. “Thank you, everyone. We are so blown away and grateful reading all your comments. I can’t believe I’m engaged to my best friend.”

Speaking to The Independent, Nocholson confessed: “Saturday was the best day of both our lives. We’re excited to spend the rest of our lives together and looking forward to make endless memories. We are so grateful to everyone for the outpouring love and support to us. We haven’t stopped smiling since the proposal.”