Newlywed's lost ring miraculously turns up on Great Barrier Reef

A newlywed who lost his wedding ring snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef was stunned when it was miraculously found by a scuba diver – more than two weeks later.

Stuart Brown and wife Amie, from South Lanarkshire, UK, came to Australia on their honeymoon after tying the knot and signed up to snorkel at the Agincourt reef in Port Douglas, Queensland.

But the couple was left devastated when 29-year-old Stuart’s $1,200 gold band slipped off his finger just minutes after he entered the water.

“When the ring came off Stuart’s finger and he told me I didn’t believe him at first because he is a bit of a joker,” Amie, 27, said.

UK couple Stuart Brown and wife Amie were honeymooning in Australia. Photo: Mega

“And because the water over there is crystal clear he actually saw the ring going under but a fish swam past and he couldn’t see it anymore.

“I was absolutely devastated, I knew it could be replaced but it wouldn’t be the original ring.

The honeymoon of a lifetime quickly turned into a disaster when Stuart searched for the treasured trinket but it could be found.

They went snorkeling at Port Douglas. Photo: Mega

“We mentioned to the tour company that we had lost the ring but that was only for insurance purposes,” she said.

“They just laughed at us because they knew we wouldn’t be able to find it.

“We just had to fill out the lost property form.”

The couple flew out to Dubai and then Oz before returning from their honeymoon on October 31.

The couple got married in October. Photo: Mega

Two weeks later, on November 15, the couple received an email from the cruise company Quicksilver saying the ring it had turned up on coral where they were swimming.

“I have some good news for you,” the email read. “One of our divers found your wedding ring sitting nicely on coral under the pontoon.”

The ring was found and returned two weeks later. Photo: Mega

Quicksilver Cruises posted the treasured ring back to the couple who were delighted to be reunited with it.

“We had an amazing honeymoon,” Amie said. “It was sad to see that Stuart had a tan line from where the ring was before he lost it.

“But when we got the email saying they had found it, we were in absolute disbelief.

“Stuart came through and told me, I just couldn’t believe it, all of Stuart’s friends don’t believe him they think he made the whole thing up.”

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