Rebel Wilson: I've Lost 10kgs!

Rebel Wilson: I've Lost 10kgs!

September 19, 2011, 5:57 pmnewidea

The comedienne has energy to burn as she hits her weight-loss goals.

Rebel Wilson: I ve Lost 10kgs!
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It’s every woman’s worst nightmare. Imagine fronting up to the gym and working out next to leggy, lean, super-fit Cameron Diaz, especially if you’re on the wobbly side of slim.

Yet surprisingly, Bridesmaids star Rebel Wilson survived the encounter with her self-esteem intact – thanks to shedding 10kg from her 106.5kg frame in just 10 weeks.

‘I was like a marshmallow blob when I started, but now I’m starting to get back into the shape I remember,’ chuckles the chocoholic Aussie comic, who’s featuring as Jenny Craig’s new celebrity ambassador and making four Hollywood films back-to-back.

‘Of course Cameron was in spectacular shape – she’s playing a fitness instructor in What To Expect When You’re Expecting, the movie we’re both making in Atlanta. But you know what? I felt good that I was working out with her.

‘Cameron was at our hotel gym in Atlanta for at least two hours that night – they don’t get those bodies without a lot of effort – but I’m already looking a lot better and feeling healthier. I’m finding my waist again!

‘There’s still a long way to go before I reach my 25kg weight-loss target. But I already have a lot more energy, and I need that extra stamina to film for 16 hours a day.’

Since starting her Jenny Craig quest in July, Rebel has dropped an average of 1kg a week through a sensible diet and exercise. Her food intake is restricted to 6400 kilojoules a day – ‘but it’s not some awful, terrible thing where you’re just eating carrots and celery’. Plus, she’s boxing for an hour at a time, four days a week.

And as a result, her body is 18cm slimmer so far – ‘that’s what it adds up to on my waist and hips and the rest’ – and she is wearing a US size 16, instead of a size 18.

‘I went shopping in New York and instead of heading straight for the tracksuit section, like I always used to, I was able to try on more fitted stuff,’ marvels the Bogan Pride and Fat Pizza star. ‘Man, I spent so much money they gave me $75 off and then 10 per cent off everything else, because I was Australian! Normally I’m not too excited to go clothes shopping but I’m kind of happy because I suddenly have all these new options.

‘My chin has downsized and my jeans are feeling very loose. Actually, I’ve been doing the “cowboy walk” because I had to put my thumbs through the belt holes to hold them up!’

What’s more, she’s led a ‘revolution’ in her western Sydney family, with her dog-breeder mum and three siblings – Liberty, Ryot and Anna, alias Annachi – all joining her on Jenny Craig.

Bubbly performer Rebel, who’s a black belt in JKA Shotokan karate, is planning on hitting the 20kg milestone by the time she comes home for Christmas. Cheerfully reflecting that the last 5kg will undoubtedly be the toughest, she readily admits to

a few ‘relapses’ involving cupcakes and a ‘make your own sundae’.

‘But I just want to continue my weight-loss journey. Bizarrely, Jenny Craig actually saves time on shopping and cooking. ‘I can’t wait to get rid of my fat clothes – all those tents and elastic waistbands – because I’m not planning on ever gaining weight again.’

By Jenny Brown
Photos: Caroline Greyshock

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    I like most, with 105 kg. She look most beauty.


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