Why you should never leave your hair wet, expert warns

Sarah Carty
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There’s no denying that one of the most annoying things about washing your hair is having to dry it afterwards.

And if like if us you think you’re actually treating your tresses well by leaving them to dry naturally instead of turning on your hairdryer, then think again because it turns out you could be doing your locks some serious damage.

Speaking at the launch of the new new ghd platinum+ in Sydney, the company’s Vice President of Smart Devices, Dr. Tim Moore, revealed why you shouldn’t ‘leave your hair wet for any extended length of time’.

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“The hair is made up of a cortex, which is the area that pulls the shape of your hair and then cuticles around the side, which are a bit like roof tiles,” Dr. Tim said.

When your hair is wet, it swells, meaning the water puts pressure on the cuticles, which could eventually make them to break off – leading to split ends.

“The other thing is that when the hair is wet it loses its strength. So, the hair is half as strong when it’s wet,” Dr. Tim continued.

He went on to say that when you wash your hair, you remove the natural protectors produced by the sebaceous glands, like grease.

Dr. Tim’s comments came at the release of what ghd are calling the ‘world’s first smart straightener’ – the ghd platinum+. Photo: Supplied

Then, when you leave the strands wet after you shower, they are in a fragile state and it means there’s more room for damage to the hair.

When you do go to dry your hair, Dr. Tim says you should always towel dry your locks first, by squeezing them to remove the moisture.

He also warned against shaking and rubbing your hair when it’s wet, as this can also lead to cuticle breakage and unsightly split ends.

Then put the hairdryer on a low temperature to get rid of the water, before turning it up to the optimal temperature as it dries.

Dr. Tim’s comments came at the release of what ghd are calling the ‘world’s first smart straightener’, designed to control the heat more affectively for your hair’s specific needs.

The new straightener promises to recognize how thick your hair is and adjust the power accordingly.

ghd’s platinum+ is available from September for $340.

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