Netflix’s XO, Kitty stars reveal what it’s really like kissing onscreen

XO, Kitty’s Minyeong Choi, Gia Kim and Sang Heon Lee reveal what it’s like to kiss onscreen.

Video transcript

- I think, all of us were-- it was our first time-- oh, wait.

- Yeah.

- It was my first time kissing my scene partner on camera.

- All of us were--

- I was intimidated. And I was like, oh, I don't know. But, actually, it was a lot better on the day of. I think anticipating--

- Right, way better way better than we thought.

- Yes, yes, the anticipation is worse. And then, when it happens, you're like, OK. This is not--

- Yeah, we were all ready. We chewed gum. And.

- We had an intimacy coordinator on set, which was amazing.

- She was amazing.

- It just made such a big difference to know that someone's going to keep a very close eye out on it for us, know that no one is uncomfortable. And that made a huge difference to us.

- So it is about Kitty, and about the relationships, and what she goes through and self discovering herself. And at the same time, it's just about every character's self discovery, I think. Even for the adults. They're discovering a lot throughout the season.

- I mean, yeah, I love how it's a series not a film. Because a series can cover so much detail on each episode. And a film, there's only like-- it's so limited to cover--

- You can't like focus to every one.

- Within 90 minutes.

- 12 like storylines.

- Yeah, it does, yeah.

- I feel like this one of the first shows that we've seen that covers so many diverse characters. And it's not about-- really, it's not really about the race and having a token Asian in the cast or anything like that, or a person of color. And just seeing the breakdown from the open call, it was obvious that this was going to be a refreshing show. And when I saw the breakdown for Yuri, especially, I was like, that is a badass B.

And I would love to be her. So, yeah, that was exciting for me, personally. Minyeong had the most

- Yeah, you did. You really--

- At first, it was-- I wasn't used to it. And I had to like you know like act cool. I had to look good. So it wasn't the easiest thing. But around the cafeteria scene, I kind of got used to it.

- Oh, really? OK.

- And then what really helped about the cafeteria scene is there's lights coming out. Do you remember that? So it's like fiction. It's not like real life. Because there's lights just turning on when Dae's coming in. So that kind of thing helped me. OK, this is-- I'm OK. Even though Dae wouldn't walk in like this, this is a bit of-- Kitty's- imagination.

- Her point of view. And that kind of helped.

- Everyone loved her. I mean, she's not only the most adorable person on the planet. But also, she's just a very professional actor. And she brought her game every time and set the bar high for everyone on set as the number one. And I think it just made a big difference to have her as the person she is, as the main lead.