Neighbours star Rob Mills calls for Aus government to save the soap

Former Neighbours star Rob Mills has taken to Instagram and A Current Affair to call on the Australian government to save the soap from being axed later this year.

The show could be axed after UK broadcaster Channel 5 announced they will not be renewing its contract with the show.

Former Neighbours star Rob Mills
Former Neighbours star Rob Mills has called on the Australian government to save the soap from being axed later this year. Photo: Ten

With Channel 5 footing much of the production bill, the show's future is uncertain beyond June.

Taking to Instagram, Rob wrote, "I am deeply saddened to hear the news about the possibility of @neighbours finishing up in June. It’s an institution. A living, breathing, creative machine that has employed 1000’s of people over the 37 plus years it’s been bringing Australian stories to life.


"It gave a job and training to so many actors, directors, writers, costume designers, wardrobe hands, hair and makeup artists, set designers, casting agents, agents, soundies, camera operators, and assistants, caterers, cleaners, security guards, admin staff, publicists, social media teams, producers the list goes on… let’s not forget the Editors!"

He continued, "Neighbours produces the equivalent of 2 FEATURE FILMS a week! Take that TikTokkers!

Rob Mills and his Neighbours co-star Ryan Moloney
Rob posing with his Neighbours co-star Ryan Moloney, who has starred as Toadie on the show since 1994. Photo: Instagram/Neighbours

"I can’t help but think if this were mining or aviation, the government would step in and help. If they are all about Jobs Jobs Jobs like they say they are… well, this show employs hundreds if not 1000s of Aussies every single year."

"Throw us a bone ScoMo," he added. "As artists we will always find the light. But geez its getting dark in this country. Would love to have a leader who valued #TheArts more in this country. Considering how much everyone has relied on them the last two years.

"I loved my time on this show. I met and worked with some incredibly talented and warm and generous people.

"Fingers crossed there’s a solution."

Rob Mills with Bonnie Anderson
Rob with Bonnie Anderson on the set of Neighbours End Game. Photo: Instagram/Rob Mills

Rob also suggested that Film Victoria could support the production and use it as a training ground for film students.

Former Neighbours star Scott McGregor commented on the post, saying, "This is incredible."

Christie Hayes added, "So proud of you @robmillsymills this really is incredible x."

"Neighbours gave and continues to give Australia so much," one follower wrote. "It’s been taken for granted far too long and deserves better."

"It really can't end," another said. "I have been watching Neighbours since it started. It's the only soap I love and watch, here in the UK. Let's pray another channel takes it on!"

"Very true. It doesn’t bear thinking about not having Neighbours on our TV anymore," a third added. "It’s so devastating not only for us fans but for the cast & crew as well, past & present. I’ve been watching for 29 years & it is the best soap on UK TV."

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