Neighbours star reveals shocking secret about cancellation: 'Leaked'

Neighbours star April Rose Pengilly recently exposed a number of secrets about the show, including how the cast found out about the cancellation, why she’s had to take weeks off, and what’s going to happen with the sets.

Taking to Instagram, the star revealed that the cast didn’t learn about the show's cancellation from the producers, but instead were blindsided by the news in the press.

Neighbours star April Rose Pengilly takes a selfie in a white top, smiling at the camera.
Neighbours star April Rose Pengilly plays Chloe Brennan on the soap. Photo: Instagram/aprilrosepengilly

“The decision was leaked. So we read it in the news just like all of you,” she wrote.

April Rose also let her followers know that she’s got the next two weeks off and then she’ll only have ten more days of shooting. When asked why she took time off so close to the end of filming, she admitted that she has a certain number of days off stipulated in her contract.

“Most of us have a few weeks off in our contract because it helps with the budget if there are weeks here and there where they don’t have to pay people,” she explained.

Alluding to the fact it may not have been her choice, she continued: “With the show suddenly being cancelled, they had to shove all those weeks in really fast.”


Neighbours star April Rose Pengilly wears a brown top and black skirt, posing next to Tammin Sursok who is wearing a white striped dress.
Tammin Sursok recently had a guest appearance on the show. Photo: Instagram/aprilrosepengilly

Fans asked April Rose what would happen to all the iconic sets, and she replied saying that all the sets including Lassiter’s complex will likely be destroyed.

“After June 10th, maybe hang out outside Nunawading studios, ‘cause there’ll be a skip bin of sets,” she laughs.

The actress also shared another behind-the-scenes secret, revealing that the show has a deal with Apple. Fans will notice that all the characters use Apple iPhones and laptops, but aren’t allowed to show the products in a negative light.

All of the Neighbours cast sit on the grass smiling at the camera.
This is the last cast photo for Neighbours with filming due to wrap up soon. Photo: Ten

“If there’s a storyline where a phone runs out of battery, or someone has dodgy photos on their phone or something, you’ll notice that the character suddenly has a Samsung phone,” she explained.

Fans have been devastated by the cancellation of the show, writing on star’s Instagram: “Sure going to miss your face April and the rest of the cast from my favourite show.”

“Looking beautiful, am so going to miss you and the rest of the cast when Neighbours ends,” another added.

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