Neighbours star Eliza Szonert: Why I snatched my son

Eliza Szonert and her son.
Eliza Szonert and her son.

Eliza Szonert and her son.

Video footage of former Neighbours star Eliza Szonert confronting her estranged partner in Malaysia and grabbing their six-year-old son from his father at a bustling city cafe rapidly went viral online.

The mother-of-four claimed her ex, Australian businessman Ashley Crick had kicked her out of his Kuala Lumpur home during an access visit - leaving her without money, passport or, most importantly, her son.

In a war of words, the Daily Mail Australia subsequently alleged the actress flew to Thailand where she spent eight weeks in a ‘drug addiction’ rehabilitation clinic before arriving back in Malaysia where the row with her former de facto spiralled out of control.

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'Ashley has made some outrageous accusations about me, which I totally deny,’ the 41-year- old says. ‘I sought treatment for depression, which was a result of relentless intimidation by my former partners.'

Now hiding out in KL with her son, Eliza is reportedly under investigation by Malaysian police following a complaint from Ashley.

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Stranded, because her ex still has her passport and that of their son, she has appealed for assistance from the Australian High Commission and doesn’t know where else to turn.

For her part, Eliza has no regrets about snatching back her boy.

‘Absolutely I would do it all again,’ she maintains.

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