Naked cleaning lady's business booming since coronavirus hit

A naked cleaner says she's struggling to keep up with demand for her services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nikki Belton, 34, launched her raunchy business at the beginning of this year but, like many others, had to put a halt to her services when the pandemic forced the world into lockdown.

Nikki Belton
Nikki Belton says business is booming for her naked cleaning company since coronavirus lockdown. Photo: Caters News

The Naked Cleaning Company carries out domestic tasks in the UK such as vacuuming, dusting and wiping surfaces, but with a twist - costing $135 per hour for topless and lingerie, and $172 per hour for fully naked cleaning.

But Nikki and her army of cleaners are now in high demand to help sanitise the homes of the public, offering their cleans at a safe 2m distance while the cleaner wears a mask.

Nikki teamed up with business partner Lianne Woolman, 46, and switched her $30 per hour cleaning business when she realised a nude version would make her more cash.


The self-employed cleaners have to wear gloves while carrying out tasks, and are to avoid bleach and cleaning tough household objects such as ovens.

“I think our job is now more important than ever given the current situation and business has been very good, the demand for a naked cleaner has soared, ”Nikki, from Plymouth, Devon, said.

“Everybody’s been struggling throughout the lockdown and we hope to help clean away coronavirus, one naked cleaner at a time.

“It’s nice for people to have a bit of a quirky service like this after all we’ve been through in the past few months.

“Naked cleaning is bringing back happiness, fun and a sense of well-being after lockdown.”

Nikki Belton charges $172 per hour to scrub houses nude.
Nikki Belton charges $172 per hour to scrub houses nude. Photo: Caters News

More safety measures have been brought in for the naked cleaners to follow so they adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.

“When lockdown happened, we had to stop cleaning for a while but have recently started taking on jobs again with our new measures,” Nikki said.

“The cleaning industry went back straight away and were allowed in people’s homes, as long as the cleaner had a mask on and were keeping their distance.”

The Naked Cleaning Company’s clientele is mainly males wanting their house cleaned by women, providing a discreet service for busy professionals.

And Nikki has had lots of positive comments from her new measures to incorporate social distancing.

“I’ve had lots of feedback from my cleaners who say they have been a friend for some who’ve been on their own in lockdown and this was their first opportunity for them to socialise,” she said.

“The clients have said that it’s just nice to see a happy face again, especially those who have been by themselves for months who might be lonely.

“Getting myself and my cleaners back out has given me a boost too.”

When Nikki launched her company, she hit back at trolls who thought the service was too sexualised and thought she wouldn’t do the job herself - by cleaning in her undies for lucky clients.

“We’re doing really well but with that, it comes with haters and trolls,” she said.

“At the end of the day we’re a business and there’s nothing sexual about it – our cleaners aren’t sex objects, they’re there to do a job.”

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