Mystery ‘mutant girl’ captured on Google Maps

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It’s the image that’s puzzling people all around the world, after one Reddit user shared a seemingly innocent Google Maps snap of two girls walking down the street.

The picture, which has quickly gone viral, shows two girls in singlets and shorts strolling down the street in the Croatian town of Split.

The image shows two girls simply walking down the street. Photo: Google Maps

But look a little closer and you might see why there’s been such a fuss about the image.

With the curious Reddit user zooming in on the pair and changing the angle, the close-up reveals the girl on the right showing off what appears to be a third leg.

Zoom in, and you can see why the internet is freaking out over the image. Photo: Google Maps

Cue internet hysteria and users dubbing her a ‘mutant girl’.

Despite the frenzy surrounding what looks to be a third limb, other internet users claim there’s a very simple explanation behind the mystery.

According to the Sun, it could all be down to a glitch in Google Maps and how they upload their photos.

With street view snaps taken using a variety of cameras and from different angles, there’s speculation the image could simply be the result of two images being incorrectly stuck together.

That seems to make more sense than a ‘mutant girl’ strolling down the street…

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