What Are Some Mysterious, Cult-Like, Bad-Vibes Towns Across The United States?

In a recent post, we revealed a bunch of towns that people thought were some of the "creepiest, cult-like" towns they'd ever come across in the United States. And I just KNOWWWW there are a ton more out there. So, we want to hear from you, the lovely members of the BuzzFeed Community, and ask: What mysterious, cult-like, or bad-vibes town in the US have you been to?

For example, maybe you've had an experience like this person did in Powers, Oregon — "Stopped in the diner for coffee once on a drive-thru. I shit you not, like straight out of a movie, the other patrons just turned and quietly stared, not touching their plates, until we left."

Classic diner with neon sign at dusk, parked cars in the foreground
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Or, perhaps, you're all too familiar with a place like Moscow, Idaho like this person — "Moscow has a cult-like church with thousands of followers. Their leader, a self-ordained pastor, has publicly stated he wants to take over the town and turn it into a theocracy. They are deeply misogynistic (marital rape isn’t 'possible') and have a history of sexual abuse within their group. Their members keep running for local office and failing, but they are buying up all the property in town and moving in people from all over the country to attend their private school, theology 'college,' and church. Moscow also happens to be the town where the four University of Idaho students were murdered in 2022."

Aerial view of a small town with buildings, roads, and greenery during twilight
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Heck, maybe you just got bad vibes from somewhere like Crestone, Colorado, like this person — "It's easily the most bizarre place I've been to in the US. Lots of shoeless hippies, 'spiritualists,' cult members/followers, and the like. Just a weird vibe all over. Some of the people are nice, and there are some good artists there, but there's also a main square/park where you'll almost always see these desperate, strung-out people with an overloaded car just sitting in the park like, Well I'm here, what next? There's also an alien landing site nearby, or at least that's what it claims to be."

Three individuals at a table with a tapestry backdrop, crystals, and tarot cards. They seem engaged in a spiritual or mystical session

So, do you have a similar story? Have you had a similar creepy experience while traveling through the United States? What mysterious, cult-like, or bad-vibes town have you been to? Tell us all about it in the comments below or via this totally anonymous form, and your story could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post or video!