My Kitchen Rules: Meet the first contestants for 2022

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With My Kitchen Rules making its way back onto our screens soon, French-Australian chef Manu Feildel and domestic goddess Nigella Lawson will be putting the teams to the test to see who has what it takes to wear the crown.

 Manu Feildel and Nigella Lawson at the dinner table for the 2022 season of MKR. Manu wears a brown suit with black tie and pink satin pocket square, while Nigella wears a blue satin long sleeved dress
My Kitchen Rules is back with Manu Feildel and Nigella Lawson. Photo: Seven

It’s state versus state as real people, cooking real food in their own homes, serve love on a plate to the judges and fellow contestants.

So just who is taking part this year?


NSW: Janelle and Monzir

Sassy baker Janelle, 27, and partner Monzir, 26, are in love and although they're on national TV competing as a couple, they haven't actually announced their relationship to their families!

"We didn’t actually tell our families that we were dating before coming on MKR," Janelle confesses. "We just decided to go on TV and announce it to everybody!"

My Kitchen Rules 2022 Contestants Janelle and Monzir from NSW walk together smiling through a rural landscape, Janelle in a pink dress and Monzir wearing a blue coat over brown shirt
MKR Contestants Janelle and Monzir are using the show to announce their relationship to their families! Photo: Seven

But with solid teamwork and a winning menu that draws on their blended Turkish Cypriot and Sudanese heritage, this loved-up couple could take the cake!

A dab hand on the BBQ, Monzir loves full-flavoured spice rubs and cooking over coals with his two special ingredients: chilli and peanut butter.

Dubbed by friends the 'Kardashian of cakes', Janelle runs a successful cake decorating business, has a fine eye for detail and prides herself on presentation.

This perfect pairing is set to bring sugar and spice to the MKR table, but when judge Manu Feildel asks who is the boss of the kitchen, the couple has very different opinions.

"Oh, me," says Janelle with a confident, almost smug smile; before Monzir cheekily corrects her, saying: "In the kitchen, not in life!"

What will happen when the queen of cake meets the queen of the kitchen, judge Nigella Lawson?

Janelle is feeling the pressure, "Everyone is expecting me to make great cakes. I’m going to be sharing my chocolate mud cake with Nigella," she says. "What if no one likes it and I’m just delusional?"

Well, that's one way to make their relationship official!

Victoria: Peter and Alice

Nothing is off-limits for father-daughter team Peter, 56, and Alice, 31.

They often bicker in the kitchen, but it’s clear they adore one another and both believe in the ethos that there is always 'room for one more' at the family dinner table.

MKR 2022 Contestants Peter and Alice from Victoria
Father and daughter MKR Contestants Peter and Alice. Photo: Seven Network

"That’s always how we show we love each other. Food is family. Food is love. Being with loved ones and sharing food and stories is the most wonderful thing about my upbringing," Alice says.

Alice, who favours a wild mushroom risotto as her go-to entrée for guests, describes her relationship with her dad as tumultuous.

"We are very similar in our approach to everything, which is why we often butt heads. We are both very dramatic, so things often blow up in an epic way."

Alice’s unique style leaves Nigella Lawson scratching her head after she describes an instant restaurant rice dish as "bangin'" and fellow judge Manu Feildel has to step in to explain it’s a good thing.

How will Peter and Alice cope with the heat of the MKR kitchen?

Early indications are good for the pair, with Nigella describing one of their meals as "a joyful plate of food" and telling Alice: "One of the many reasons you were put in this world is to put crumbs on things and then fry them."

Alice says it’s time for her to spread her wings after five years of working in the family café.

Winning MKR would bring her one step closer to realising her food truck dream: Asian small eats with big flavours and no fuss.

Former banker Peter wants to open a high tea room, combining his love for baking and chatty front-of-house skills.

Can they take out the title of best home cooks for Victoria?

The new season of My Kitchen Rules is coming soon to @Channel7 and @7plus.

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