Mum's shock after finding son covered in Nutella nightmare

More often than not, when a kid is left alone for a few minutes they’re likely to get up to some sort of mischief.

Which is exactly what happened in this case, when a mum was left shocked after walking in on her son covering himself head-to-toe in Nutella.

Clare Fallon, 32, was drying her hair in her bedroom upstairs whilst she thought her son, Harrison Bird, was playing peacefully downstairs.

However, when Clare returned to her living room she found her three-year-old son covered in Nutella.

What a mess! Mum Clare was shocked to walk in on her son covered in Nutella. Source: Caters News

After snakily getting the jar from a low cupboard in the kitchen, Harrison had decided that it might be fun to smother the chocolate spread all over himself, making a big mess while he’s at it.

The mother of two quickly called an industrial carpet cleaner and took Harrison straight to the shower to wash it all off.

“When I walked in and saw him I was very angry and shouted at him that his dad would be very angry at him,” she said.

“I was shocked that he had managed to do this, when I was only out of the room for about 20 minutes maximum.

“I quickly grabbed him and put him in the bathtub and showered the Nutella off of him, and luckily it came off quite quickly.

3-year-old Harrison had found the jar of Nutella on a low shelf in the kitchen.  Source: Caters News

After seeing the Nutella splattered all over the living room by her little one, Clare admits that she went straight into panic mode before having a moment to laugh.

“My first reaction was worry – we had just moved into a new build house and I was worried what my boyfriend was going to say,” she said.

“But now I can’t help but laugh at the photo, I think it’s absolutely hilarious and everyone who has seen it thinks so too.”

Now that both Harrison and the living room is clean his mum Clare can’t help but laugh about it. Source: Caters News

“Luckily I managed to get a carpet cleaner to come round very early the next morning and the house was cleaned.

“Now we’ve learnt our lesson to make sure that the Nutella stays on a higher level in the cupboard so he can’t reach it!”

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