Mums mercilessly slam Kate for parenting style

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Kate Middleton may be a supermum in our eyes, but others have slammed the royal’s parenting choices in a classic case of mum-shaming.

Just hours after the Duchess of Cambridge appeared at a charity polo match with four-year-old Prince George and three-year-old Princess Charlotte, mums online were tearing her apart for apparently leaving her baby boy, Prince Louis at home.

The Duchess gave birth to her third child on April 23rd, and since then she has been seen in public with her two eldest children at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, the Trooping of the Colour over the weekend, and now the polo match to support her husband, Prince William.

Kate Middleton has been mercilessly slammed over her parenting. Photo: Getty Images

However, while Kate may simply be fulfilling her royal duties – and spending some undoubtably much-valued time with her first and second born – the duchess is copping some serious flak online.

One mum took to parenting forum Mumsnet, where she started a thread about the royal family’s polo match outing.

“I don’t normally criticise the royals but…” she started the thread, “Another day of Kate and William away from their tiny baby for a substantial amount of time.”

“I just don’t understand it, when they were this small I couldn’t bear to be apart from them.”

The woman appeared to know that she would face some backlash for starting the thread, as she finished it off by adding that she was getting a ‘hard hat’.

People were quick to shut down the woman’s thread, by saying that it was presumptuous to think that the baby wasn’t actually at these events but just not put in front of photographers. The poster also didn’t take into account the need for parents to spend quality time with their older children, and placed blame much more heavily on Kate than on dad Wills.

She appeared at a charity polo match with her two oldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Photo: Getty Images
But people online were wondering where Prince Louis was. Photo: Getty Images

“This is beyond absurd. Babies don’t need the exclusive company of their parents 24/7, particularly when the family is blessed with many relatives and top class professional help,” one person said.

Another person agreed, saying, “It doesn’t matter who they are, royal or not. This is nobody’s business but theirs”.

“Does anyone actually know where Louis was? The photos are probably taken over a few hours, probably with food and drink break in the middle. There was probably a Nanny tucked away somewhere with a nondescript baby squawking away who could be taken into the private area for mummy cuddles at a moment’s notice,” another commenter said.

However, other mums agreed with the original poster, saying they couldn’t imagine leaving their tiny newborn after only a few weeks, especially because they were breastfeeding.

“Guess the royals don’t breastfeed,” one commenter simply said, while another brutally wrote: “Today was clearly a choice… I never understand why people who can leave their baby at the drop of a hat bother to have them at all.”

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