Mum's horrifying lunchbox discovery

A mum has shared ‘disgusting’ photos of the horrifying discovery she made while cleaning her children’s lunchboxes.

Grace Bollen, from New Zealand, posted the shocking images to Facebook as a warning to other parents, after she discovered mould inside hidden compartments in the lunchboxes.

“This is what I found. I’m absolutely appalled,” the mum wrote.

Photo: Facebook/Grace Bollen
Photo: Facebook/Grace Bollen

“I have strongly suggested these should not be on the shelves until a new design is created and tested,” Grace tells Be.

I’ve been inundated with messages of mouldy lunchboxes and very disgruntled parents. I feel strongly that parents need to know these lunch boxes are not ok to be used.”

Grace went on to explain in her post that the lunchboxes were being hand washed every night and left open to dry.

The blue lunchbox has been in use for nine months, while the yellow one was a little older at 12 months.

“I feel awful that my children have been eating lunch out of these,” Grace continued.

“Don’t buy any lunchboxes that you can’t clean all parts.”

Photo: Facebook/Grace Bollen
Photo: Facebook/Grace Bollen

Since sharing her initial post, Grace has spoken to both companies involved, who “are working to rectify the problem with the manufactures and make them water tight”.

Other parents were ‘disgusted’ by the images and thanks the mum for sharing her warning.

“I’ve always been a bit skeptical about these fancy lunchboxes with compartments,” one person commented. “Would much rather use a plain container with a lid.”

“I have [those ones] so I will check my daughter’s. Thank you for the post,” another said.

“OMG! My son has the blue one. I’m feeling disgusted now,” was another woman’s appalled comment.

Photo: Facebook/Grace Bollen
Photo: Facebook/Grace Bollen

The Director of Lunch Box Inc – one of the two companies – said he was “shocked” at the condition of the brand’s product.

“It’s terrible that this has happened – it’s complete news to us, we had no idea this was happening before this lady contacted us,” he said in a statement to Daily Mail.

“We’ve made attempts to speak with the manufacturers because this is awful and we want to find a solution as quickly as possible.

“We need to determine if this is just a bad batch or whether it’s a recurring fault in the production process.”

The second company involved Stuck On You has not yet commented on the issue.

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