‘So brilliant!’: Mum transforms ‘dead space’ with jaw-dropping Kmart DIY

A mum’s incredible DIY efforts are making waves online, after she transformed a classic ‘dead space’ into an adorable play area for under $200.

Mum of five Monique was always planning on doing something special with the under stairs area that so often is left unused, and finding herself on maternity leave and under lockdown laws, she decided to get cracking.

Under stair space transformed in pink and rainbow playroom with Kmart LED lights
A 'genius' space transformation turned the cupboard under the stairs into every kid's fantasy. Photo: Supplied

In just four days the mum had created a dream area for her 8-month-old daughter Elke, complete with rainbow paint, special lights that pulse and even a baby ballet barre.

“I’m on maternity leave at the moment, and with the kids home from school I thought there was no better time to start bringing my ideas to life,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Mum of five Monique with baby Elke
Mum of five Monique transformed the space for baby Elke. Photo: Supplied

She says with so many stores sold out however, she was forced to make do with items she had at home, and whatever else she could get her hands on, meaning she pulled off the incredible makeover for less than $200.

“I had intended to do an activity wall full of toys and gadgets, but everything I wanted is sold out at the moment because of everything going on in the country, so I made do with stuff I had laying around the house,” she explains.

“All up it took about 4 days, from putting the gyprock on the wall, to the 2 coats of paint on the steps.”

(l-r_ Stairs before transformation, stairs painted pink during DIY, Stairs transformed into playroom
It took Monique four days, some gyprock paint, stickers and less than $200 to take the stairs from drab to fab. Photo: Supplied

“I would estimate everything to cost under $200, as I used small sample pots of paint, only 1 sheet of gyprock, and the toys on the wall are quite inexpensive from Kmart.”

Monique used sample paint pots from Bunnings and attached LED lights from Kmart to create the flashing effect.

With just one sheet of Gyprock and some Kmart stickers, the job was done.

She says the bub is completely enamoured with the space, something the DIY enthusiast says is ‘a real ego boost’.

“My daughter is 8.5 months old and absolutely loves the space,” she says.

baby girl in tutu poses in under stair colourful rainbow playroom
Elke's favourite part is her 'ballet barre', a towel rail from Bunnings. Photo: Supplied

“She crawls over to the door to go in, then sits and claps; it’s a real ego boost.”

“Her favourite part is the ballet barre I made from a towel rail from Bunnings,” she adds, and honestly, same.

‘I wish you were my mum!’ Transformation blows up online

The adorable toddler and her brand new playroom became a sensation online after Monique shared the job to a mum’s group.

Almost two thousand women liked the post with hundreds tagging friends and praising Monique’s impressive efforts.

“Amazing well done,” one mum wrote.

“So cool!” another agreed. “What a lucky lil girl.”

“Wish you were my Mum lol,” another admitted.

“Such a great use of storage space,” someone else wrote. “Your daughter will have hours of fun in [here].”

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